Are you eager to develop your creativity? To use what you have to hand?

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My story

As a child I was fortunate to have adults in my life who encouraged me to try new crafts, ranging from sewing to lace bobbin making. I went on to study a HND in Crafts at Art College, but struggled with feeling that craft was self absorbing and selfish. Having graduated I chose to work in the public sector.

Nearly twenty years on I continue to work in the public sector. I am married to a wonderful enabling husband, who has always nurtured my creative side. My two amazing children occasionally think I am eccentric, but I love it when my six year old collects random items at a car boot sale to make something! Blessed in working part time I have the time to sew, upcycle and do some DIY.

There have been periods in my life where I have neglected the creative side of me, to my detriment. Sewing, DIY, knitting all help to maintain my equilibrium. Personally I am overwhelmed by global warming, burying my head in the sand frequently, I try to do my bit by reusing materials. We only have one world and its resource are limited. It’s easy to create unique quality items from recycled materials – style can be sustainable.

As an introvert blogging creates a perfect platform where I hope to inspire and encourage you. My motto is that crafting and creating does not need to cost the earth or your wallet!

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