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Boxy Overnight Bag

This week I have joined Sweet Bee Buzzings Sew a Long for a Boxy Bag, resized to create an overnight bag.

boxy overnight bag

The aim to make a bag similar to this one.

Boxy Overnight Bag

I decided to size it up to create an overnight bag for my daughter. As she doesn’t have such a bag I guessed the finished size, hoping it would be suitable for her PJ’s, toilet bag and change of clothes.

First day of the sew-a-long, cut out, add interfacing and fusible fleece. Make the handles and sew onto the bag.

The finished bag I created is 12″ by 16″ with a 4″ width. Helpfully Bethany provides instructions on sizing up the pattern. Next step was to work out the zip length, and handle length. The zip was surprisingly easy as the sew along pattern top measurement (where the zip is placed) was 18″ and mine 20″ so i bought a zip two inches longer than the recommended zip (26″).

The handle length I debated about, in the end I decided on 14 1/2″ handles, and 25″ length for each side of the bag – totalling 79″ (just in case someone wishes to follow my measurements)

Overnight Bag Day 1

 Day Two -adding the internal pockets

Next to create the internal pockets. Firstly zip pocket, I’ve done these before, so found this relatively easy. The pleat pockets took some more calculations, I made the pleats 1/2″ wide, my fabric was 19″ by 24″

Overnight Bag Day 2

Day three – sewing it all together. Today’s instructions were far easier to follow than I initially thought, and of course had the added bonus of finishing the bag!! Sorry no pictures as I followed the steps in the evening, the light was just not good enough for pics.

Boxy Overnight Bag pockets

The result – ta da…. would I make the bag again?? Well I suspect I will have to for my son!! I will make the handles longer but I am pleased with the size, and the shape held well with the fusible fleece. However in hindsight I would have found the process far easier if I had made it up for the sizes given first. The parts I found tricky was the maths for sizing up of the pattern.

Toilet Bag

To finish it off I made a co-ordinating toilet bag, lined with a shower curtain.

Boxy Overnight Bag & Toilet Bag

I hope you have had a productive week:) As usual I am off to check out fellow Handmade Harbour creative:)




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Thursday 13th of November 2014


Wow!! What an absolutely gorgeous set. The fabric is so pretty and this is such a lovely gift idea too.

Thanks for sharing .

Michelle :o)


Monday 7th of July 2014

Wow, it turned out beautiful! I was looking at the tutorial as Sweet Bee Buzzings and saw you left your URL and I'm so glad you did so I could see your wonderful creation!

magda kruger

Sunday 29th of June 2014

Beautiful bags! I am going to try it soon.

Sandra :)

Saturday 28th of June 2014

Vicky! I saw your photo over @ Threading My Way and fell in love with your gorgeous bags! That fabric is just luscious, and you did such a beautiful job sewing them :) Thank you for all the information you provided in your post - I've made a lot of zipper bags and a LOT of boxy bags, but I struggle with the math - it never seems to "click" for me :D I actually have an empty cookie box in my basement that I use sometimes to help me visualize the numbers, LOL. I'm off to check out the links you've posted, and am going to pin your post for future boxy bag reference (and inspiration) :)


Sunday 29th of June 2014

Hi sandra, Thanks for your kind comments - loving the idea of a cookie box for gauging sizes:) Vicky

Pam @Threading My Way

Saturday 28th of June 2014

Bet your daughter loves them, Vicky. A fabulous matching set!!!

Pam @Threading My Way

Saturday 28th of June 2014

Hi Vicky, I've featured your bags today...

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