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DIY handmade door stoppers

Spring is here – it is time to open our doors and let fresh air in –  DIY handmade door stoppers will stop any weight of door blowing in the wind. It is fantastic to open our patio doors and let the fresh air in, our temporary door stop of plant pots filled with pebbles have been known to blow over, scattering pebbles everywhere. It’s time to make some sturdy door stops to replace them. 

We have collected our bricks from a family walk on the beach, I love the variance in color and washed look.

These heavy DIY door stoppers are super quick and easy to make- ensure you have the right drill piece. 

Learn how to make a heavy weight brick DIY handmade door stoppers #DIY #Doorstopper

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DIY Handmade Door Stoppers

  • Old bricks
  • Threaded rod
  • Wire
  • Drill 


Arrange your bricks into pleasing order.

Start by drilling a hole a suitable width for the threaded rod, ensure you use a drill piece suitable for stone.

On the underside make the hole a little wider so a bolt can secure the wire rod.

Thread your wire rod through, and secure with a bolt.

Continue to drill through your bricks and thread them onto the threaded metal rod.

Once you have threaded all your bricks saw the metal rod so you have 1-2″ of rod showing.

Using strong wire create a loop, at each end make a small circle using pliers.

Place onto your threaded rod.

Add a washer and a bolt, fasten tightly.



Check out my denim door stopper tutorial or this tutorial to sew a door stop designed like your home.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.