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DIY Lunch Bag

I have been contemplating making my own insulated DIY Lunch Bag for some time. For my day job, I carry an A4 notebook plus tablet, due to the weight I use a leather rucksack (spreading the weight across both shoulders), but it is rather hard to squeeze my lunch in too. Time to make myself my own Christmas gift!

Free pattern and tutorial to sew your own insulated lunch bag. Learn how to make your own stylish and lunch bag from fabric scraps and denim. reusable lunch bag is perfect for carrying food & drinks to school, work, and day trips. This lunch tote features a leather handle with button closure #freebagpattern

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DIY Lunch Bag

  • Two pieces of denim measuring 12 by 12 1/4″
  • Two pieces of lining fabric measuring 12 by 15
  • Leather piece measuring
  • 4 8mm double cap rivets
  • Two pieces of crazy patchwork fabric scraps measuring 12 by 3 1/2″
  • Button
  • Elastic Thread
  • Insulating Wadding
  • Hole punch

Sew our fabric scraps together in random fashion.

Press, then cut two strips measuring 12 by 3 1/2″.

Sew one strip to the top of one denim piece. Repeat.

Baste the insulated wadding to the back of bag pieces.

Quilt the fabric scrap at the top – I have stitched by eye horizontal and vertical lines.

Place the denim pieces right sides together, ensuring your fabric scraps/denim seams align.

Stitch with a 3/8 seam allowance down the side, along the bottom and back up to the top.

Pin the side seam to the bottom seam. Measure in along the seam 2 1/2″ from the edge and mark at right angles.

Stitch this seam, this creates one corner of the base of the lunch bag. Repeat for the other corner, then trim the seam.

Repeat for the lining, sewing the sides then boxing the corners.

Cut a strip of leather measuring 1″ by 10 1/2″.

As my leather is bendy and on the thinner side I have cut two identical pieces and sewn them back to back. If you do this your sewing machine will thank you for using a leather needle and long stitches.

Place your leather handle next to and parallel to the top of the crazy patchwork and 1 1/4 in from the outer edge.

Using a hole punch create a hole, through one layer only!.

Insert the cap rivet and hammer to close (as per the cap rivet instructions). Repeat with a second rivet 3/4″ along.

Insert two cap rivets as above to secure the second side of the handle.

Create an elasticated loop suitable for the size of your button.

Place the lining over the denim bag so the top edges align.

Place the loop centrally on the back of the lunch bag, so the knot is within the seam allowance.

Stitch around the top of the bag, leaving a 4″ turning gap.

Turn the bag right side out. Press this top seam, pin and top stitch around, this creates a professional finish and closes your turning gap.

Lastly sew your button on.

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Tuesday 13th of November 2018

I love this idea and the sashiko coin purse. I'm hoping I'll have time to try both!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.