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How to line a picnic hamper (post sponsored by Volkswagen)

Lining a picnic hamper adds a splash of personality, modernising the hamper. I picked up this old picnic hamper in a charity shop, but let’s be honest it’s seen better days.


It is transformed by relining. I found licensed Volkswagen fabric with a quick google search, I love it 🙂


If you would like to reline a picnic hamper, strip back the original lining being careful not to rip it.


This old lining forms the template for your new lining. Place the former lining on top of your new lining. Cut your new lining to include fabric for the sides, and to fold over the raw edge at the top.


Cut at a diagonal angle into the corners. Fold the fabric at the corners as per the picture.




Stitch a straight line down to form the corner of the lining. Trim the excess fabric. Repeat for each corner.

If your picnic hamper is not already lined place the base onto paper to draw round. The base fabric should be cut to be slightly smaller than your paper template to allow for the width of the wicker. Don’t forget to add fabric for the sides.

Place the lining inside the base of the picnic hamper. Jiggle it around a little bit so that it lies nice and flat, fitting into the corners.


Fold over the raw edges. Hand stitch into place starting with the edges of the base. I used invisible thread (or you could use an old fishing line).


Next, line the lid. This needs a base to secure the leather straps, I have used old foam board (I use white foam board for blog photography but over time it becomes worn).

Start by cutting your base to size. Cut your lining fabric to size following the instructions as per base. Stitch your corners.

I have reused the original straps for my new plates, but you could use an old leather belt. Measure to ensure your placement of the straps is central.


Use a bradawl to place a hole through the fabric and foam board. Insert a cap rivet through the leather strap, fabric and foam. Repeat for each piece of the strap.

Use a strong glue to secure the foam against the wicker basket. I weighted this down whilst the glue dried.

Hand stitch the lining in place.



Why not make co-ordinating serviettes?

Cut 4 fabric 19 “squares, I have used former curtains. Fold over twice the raw edge and press stitch. Fold the next side over twice and stitch.


Create a pocket for your cutlery. Cut your pocket fabric 5 1/2 by 6″.

Fold over the top edge twice and stitch.


Fold in the raw edges of the rest of your pocket and press. Pin onto the corner of the serviette.


Stitch round twice.


I love the transformation of this basket, it may be 4 degrees outside but anyone up for a picnic??! I’m good at making soup :)!!

This post is sponsored by Volkswagen – check out other recycled and/or car related tutorials by fellow bloggers on the Volkswagen collaborative pinterest board “DIY Bloggers for Volkswagen“.



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.