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How to make a lamp out of a bottle

Today I am sharing with you a tutorial on how to make a lamp out of a bottle. We have used a clear wine bottle, adding sea glass inside the bottle for interest.

You can add all sorts to the clear bottle, as long as they fit through the bottleneck! Alternatively, there are some beautiful spirit bottles available (my colleague bought her Dad a bottle of whisky for Father Day, I was very tempted to ask for the blue bottle once he had drunk the contents!)




How to make a lamp out of a bottle

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Start by thinking about how you are going to hold your bottle in place whilst you drill it. My husband has made a homemade wooden vice, using tension rods for adjustability to hold the wine bottle in place.



Plus a piece of wood with a predrilled hole to guide the drill.



Place the bottle securely into your vice. Use a diamond grit drill piece to drill the hole, it is a good idea to have a second person applying water as your drill to stop glass dust from entering the air (please bear in mind health and safety and wear safety goggles).



Your bottle may chip, but once your project is finished this will be barely noticeable.



Soak your bottle to remove any labels. If thelabel is tricky to remove you can buy sticky label remover products.

Now to look at your lamp kit, this is mine. 



Follow the instructions for your kit. The first step in mine was to insert the rubber bung into the drilled hole. Next, adjust the larger rubber bung so it fits snuggly in the bottle top, before removing it.



Thread the wire through the bottle and out of the top. Connect up the wires with a screwdriver, as per instructions.



Follow the instructions until you are fully set up, ready to insert the sea glass.



Add your sea glass to your bottle through the neck opening, so that the sea glass falls around the light cable.



We filled ours approximately a third of the way up. Then secure your light fitting into the bottleneck.





The big decision is will you add a lampshade or have a naked light bulb? To my surprise, I prefer our DIY lamp with a simple lampshade. 



If your family also collects sea glass then you will be inspired further with my 30+ Projects for Sea Glass post.

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Lisa @ Cucicucicoo: Eco Sewing & Crafting

Monday 17th of June 2019

This is really gorgeous, and I love how the cord goes through the bottle rather than just stickint out from the top. Nice job! :) Lisa

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