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How to make bunting: Easy no sew bunting, free template & video

Today I am going to how you just how to make bunting from your old jeans, or any scraps of fabric. This DIY is a great upcycling project requiring no sewing. The no sew bunting is perfect for your garden, street party or even as home decor.

how to make fabric bunting

Personally, I am making my DIY bunting for a special occasion, the Queen’s Jubilee – we will be away camping, the bunting flags will be perfect as our festive decoration. The free bunting triangle template is perfect for any bunting, I have included the markings if you wish to make your banner as jubilee ready street party bunting.

learn how to make bunting for the garden

So dig out your old jeans, or rummage through your fabric scraps (or old clothes that you just can’t squeeze into anymore!), grab some sharp scissors and let’s get started. I love reusing materials, if at all possible I use what I have to hand. If you are buying materials for the fabric bunting you can choose fabrics that will not fray such as felt.

No Sew DIY Fabric Bunting


  • Bias tape (the length of the finished banner)
  • Fabric/old clothes
  • Ribbon or lace (optional)
  • Paper template (download the free bunting template )
  • Scissors
  • Bond a web/Heat and Bond or fabric glue or hot glue gun
  • Tailor’s chalk or fabric pen

In relation to quantities, I have used 75cm (29 1/2″) of red ribbon per flag, 37cm (14 1/2″) of wider white ribbon, 40cm (16″) thinner white ribbon – this is for the bunting pattern provided. You can, of course, have different sizes of flags and customize as much as you like. Note the bunting banner length is the length of the bias tape. I have chosen to make 12 flags measuring 21 cm wide and 21cm (8 1/2″) long which have made 4m of easy bunting.

I always start by giving my fabric a good press. Using the template and some sharp scissors cut out triangular shapes of fabric, as you can see I have used old jeans. As my bunting is for occasional use only I am not concerned about the edges fraying, I have chosen to go with a straight edge, you may prefer to use pinking shears to reduce the chances of fraying.

How to make bunting from old clothes

Fold the bias binding in half all along its length, and then press so you have a neat crisp fold

Place the top edge of the bunting inside the folded bias binding, thus enclosing the raw edge. Using your chosen form of glue adhere the folded bias binding together, I have placed bond a web either side of the flag fabric, inside the bias binding. If you prefer you can use a sewing machine and stitch the bias binding.

how to make bunting flags

Once your flags are secure finish off the banner by gluing the rest of the folded bias binding.

DIY bunting

Top Tip:- I suggest spacing your fabric triangles along your bias binding to consider the distance apart.

As you can see this is a super quick and easy way to make a bunting banner.

How to make jubilee bunting

Follow the same steps for cutting out your fabric in triangular shapes to create your individual bunting flags.

With tailor’s chalk or fabric pen mark onto the flags the positions for the ribbons/lace.

free bunting template

I love working with a bond a web, I have cut strips the width of the lace. Start with one diagonal strip, placing the bond a web from a top corner point to the marked opposite edge, place the lace on top and iron to adhere – I use parchment paper between the flag/ribbon and the iron to protect the iron. Alternatively, you can use fabric glue. Repeat this step with a piece of red ribbon.

free downloadable template for bunting banner

Next repeat for the opposite diagonal, adhering first the white ribbon and then the red ribbon.

how to make material bunting

For the vertical and diagonal ribbon, we are going to lay the white ribbon first, adhering in the manner you have chosen.

Easy no sew bunting, perfect for street parties.

Place and adhere the red ribbon vertically and horizontally.

Once your method of glue has dried turn the flag over to the wrong side and trim the ribbon to the shape of the blue fabric ensuring you trim the end of the ribbon so you have a crisp point of the triangle, and good diagonal sides.

homemade bunting

Follow the instructions for finishing your flags into bunting as per the directions above, encasing the raw edges of the flag inside the folded in half bias binding.

how to make bunting flags

This easy craft idea only takes a couple of hours, the finished flag bunting is perfect for street parties, the garden, camping, a baby shower, kid’s room, the list is endless!!

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