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How to organize a sewing room on a budget

It may take a little more time but organizing a sewing room on a budget can be great fun, the process draws on your creativity. There is no doubt I have spent hours contemplating the organization of a sewing room as I have gradually sorted mine out… With a low budget in mind,  I was sure there was an alternative to my husbands kind offer of fitting kitchen units. We brainstormed, I spent time on Pinterest admiring other people much larger organized sewing rooms! Their beautiful IKEA sewing rooms. At the planning stage for your sewing room decide on the essentials, for me that is: Sewing Machine, Desk, Ironing Board, Storage

In an ideal world I would also have room for a cutting table and the computer, but let’s keep this real, I am incredibly fortunate to have a room purely for sewing.

Considerations to the design and layout of the sewing room:

Light – I need to see to sew but as important I need good light for blogging photography

Distance travelled – in our old home I sewed in one room, ironed in another and took pictures in a third room, wasting my limited precious time. All kitchen designers talk about the triangle between sink, fridge and oven, my sewing room triangle is the sewing machine, ironing board and photography spot!!

Height – now much as I love sewing my back doesn’t always take kindly to it. My sewing table and chair need to be fit for purpose (in an office situation there would be a workstation assessment to check such things!). I don’t have room for a cutting table, a small space solution could be an adjustable height office table so you can higher the table when cutting out.

What are the limitations of the room? I have the boiler for the house, it’s not going anywhere! How can you work around the limitations?

What can you upcycle repurpose that you already have? Shop storage around your home/shed

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Sewing Room on a Budget Ideas

Fabric Storage

There are so many options but the first consideration must be to light. Fabric can fade when exposed to daylight over an extended period of time. You could use a kitchen dresser, chest of drawers, filing cabinets (imagine fabric neatly folded and hung as you pull out the drawers), stacks of plastic boxes. I use a sideboard which cost me £5 via a FB selling page, plus an extra sideboard in the corner of the living room which is full to bursting with my fabric. It really is possible to create sewing room storage on a budget. You can read how I upcycled my budget ombre sideboard here.


Budget desks can be made from former dining room tables, breakfast bars, scaffolding boards. What do you already have you can use? I have a dining room table bought twenty years ago from IKEA, at 32″ wide its a perfect size. The table used to have a cross piece underneath which made storing anything underneath rather tricky. My husband placed batton the wall and kept the one leg – now I have lots of storage underneath for my sewing machines. My Esty shop stock is kept in a large plastic box under the desk. It might look disorganised but this is super organised for me!

wall mounted desk, How to organize a sewing room on a budget, thrifty sewing room ideas

Books and Magazines

Shelving is the natural solution, it’s easy to make all sorts of shelves from scaffolding poles to skateboards… personally I know a shelf would become untidy, overfull. My books and magazines are stored in apple crates, in the living room.

craft books stored in apple crates, How to organize a sewing room on a budget, thrifty sewing room ideas


Over the years I have used a fishing tackle box, perfect for carrying to classes etc.. Many people use pegboards from Ikea. My sewing threads are arranged in a former printers tray, displayed on the wall. I can quickly and easily find the colour I am looking for, plus I love the aesthetic of the arrangement. You can read more about it here.

How to organize a sewing room on a budget, thrifty sewing room ideas

Yarn & Sewing Patterns

These are neatly stacked in wine crates on the wall, super easy to access for sewing inspiration.



I have colour themed jam jars, although admittedly they need a good sort out at the moment! I love the fact I can see the buttons through the glass jar.

Jam jars filled with buttons, How to organize a sewing room on a budget, thrifty sewing room ideas

Works in Progress

How many works in progress do you have? I always have several projects on the go. Crates, baskets, plastic storage boxes, there are so many options. Introducing you to my £1 basket filled to bursting, but neatly under the table. I am far from a tidy person but if I can keep my sewing room tidy then when I do have a moment for sewing I can start immediately rather than having to tidy up first!

Works in progress 99p basket How to organize a sewing room on a budget, thrifty sewing room ideas

Ideally, I would love to share with you my quilters rulers, cutting mat and scissors hung from a towel rail – but I have yet to find my hooks from when we moved home!

How to organize a sewing room on a budget, thrifty sewing room ideas

If you are also a blogger and would an interesting read regarding craft rooms and photography then check out Jennifer Makers blog photography post here, or if you are looking for further thrifty sewing room ideas check out Serger Pepper’s post. Or if you prefer visual ideas I have a Pinterest board here all about organizing a sewing room.

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Lindsay (Sewing Life)

Tuesday 17th of September 2019

Love the shelf ideas... PS: The blue cupboard is really cool!


Tuesday 17th of September 2019

Thanks so much Lindsay :)

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