Sunday Catch Up

March 23, 2014

After last weeks variety of new style of bags for the Hillarys Blinds competition this week I have focussed on building up stock of knitting needle cases.

lilac knitting needle case

I have to admit not all the colours are quite my cup of tea, but one thing I have learnt is that a business is a business and it’s not all about personal taste!

blue and green knitting needle case

I particularly like the blue green circles on this design – if only I could remember where on the internet I bought the fabric from!!knitting needle case

My aim this week is to do some promotion on Facebook for those who are not yet organised about Mothers Day gifts:)

MAD Blog Awards

Thanks to those  who have kindly nominated me in the MAD blog awards, it means a great deal:) I’m off to check Handmade Harbour to see what everyone else has been up to this week,


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16 responses to “Sunday Catch Up”

  1. Your knitting needle cases are always sooo gorgeous, any mum would be very lucky to get one for Mother’s Day! x

  2. Good luck in the MADS 🙂

  3. I like all your colours, but you are right, it’s not about what the business owner likes but what the customers like! I have chosen the same fabric as you for the Hilarys’ competition and I am also thinking of designing a bag, but as yet I haven’t started!

  4. Ginny says:

    I do think they look very practical, and must try to make myself one. Despite having two cases for needles, they are both the type where you have to tip all the needles out to find what you want.

  5. I also find it hard to make things that aren’t to my personal taste.
    Having said that, all your cases are lovely. I hope you do really well with them x

  6. Stephen says:

    I really like the blue green circle design too. I think that is my favourite out of the 3.

  7. Lucy Blossom says:

    I like the knitting needle cases too, and I agree I don’t always like the finished item, but others do.

  8. Andrea Kay says:

    It’s always difficult making things that are a bit at odds with your own taste. Your needle cases are a nice practical gift though and pretty. Like you I like the blue green circles the best.

  9. Knitnrun4sanity says:

    What a lovely gift. My favourite is the first one, I must be feeling very girly today;). I will look out for your tweets. X

  10. I like all your color combos! But I know the feeling, I am always glad when clients choose a fabric for a custom order that I actually like. It is just not as much fun to work with fabric you’re not crazy about… 🙂

  11. your needle cases are very pretty x and yes the circle material is adorable, hope you manage to source it again in the future
    Have a good week x

  12. Your knitting needle cases are great – lovely fabric. good luck with AMDS. Hope you have a good week.

  13. Gertie says:

    Love the knitting needle cases. They are so useful to have xx

  14. Tarana says:

    These look so lovely, and practical. They would make wonderful gifts for Mother’s Day!

  15. Shell Louise says:

    ooh my mum would love one of those cases, she’s always knitting!

  16. What a great little mothers’ day gift – I like that second fabric too, shame you don’t remember where it came from.

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