Bag Making

How to line a basket with handles

January 21, 2020
How to line a basket with handles 3

Do you have a log basket? Fed up with bits of dust and wood falling through onto your floor? Let me show you how to line a basket with handles. My parents have recently moved home and are in the joyous process of making their new home their home if you know what I mean. We’ve been altering their old curtains to fit, building a…

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Large Denim Tote Bag Pattern Hack

January 14, 2020
Large Denim Tote Bag Pattern Hack 23

It is easy to adjust the large denim tote bag pattern, now my children have grown up a little – OK a lot! (my daughter has turned into a teenager this month!) this bag design is a little big for my needs. So how have I changed the pattern? and where did I start? Let’s start with the changes I have made. I have chosen…

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How to make padded and corded bag handles

January 7, 2020
How to make padded and corded bag handles 53

Today I am going to show you three different types of bag handles, web handles, padded handles and corded handles. Using different handles can really change up the way a finished bag feels. Personally I love leather, but sometimes bags need a different finish. Let me show you how easy it is to make padded and cord handles.   Please do not be intimidated –…

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How to upcycle a sideboard

December 29, 2019
How to upcycle a sideboard 105

I am super excited to share with you how to upcycle a sideboard, this is my upcycled sideboard before and after. There’s nothing quite like using what you have and giving your room a whole new look with some upcycling.  The sideboard sits in the corner of the living room, a bit of a dead space where “stuff” tends to accumulate on the top for…

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Vintage Doilies Christmas Decorations

December 17, 2019
Vintage Doilies Christmas Decorations 121

Do you have inherited vintage doilies that you would love to preserve and find a use for?  Today I am sharing a super quick tutorial with you for vintage doilies Christmas decorations. Vintage doilies are beautiful, for me, they evoke hours of crafting. It’s a real shame when they frequently sit in a drawer rather than finding a way to incorporate them into everyday life. …

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Pallet Wood Christmas Tree

December 16, 2019
Pallet Wood Christmas Tree 133

This DIY triangular Christmas tree is made from an old pallet and a string of Christmas lights, simple yet effective Christmas decor suitable for your sideboard, mantlepiece or even your porch. We have made one – but if you are going to decorate your porch three in varying sizes could look lovely. Do you look at Christmas decorations in shops and wonder how to make…

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