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How to make a DIY wood coffee table

March 15, 2020

Learn how to make an easy DIY wood coffee table using materials to hand. My husband has been working on a big garden transformation, removing redundant climbing equipment and raised to beds to create a fabulous new seating area, centered around a fire pit. We love the transformed garden from the children’s play area,   To an area, we can all use, with space to…

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Sea Glass Decor Idea

March 9, 2020

Looking for craft ideas for your collection of sea glass? Create sea glass decor, quickly and easily As winter begins to draw to a close I am beginning to count down the days to our annual family holiday to the southern coast in France. I relax walking between beautiful coves, as a family hunting for sea glass. As we fly home our suitcases are a…

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Reycled denim bags pattern

March 5, 2020

Quick and easy recycled denim bags pattern.  Making bags out of old jeans – what’s not to love?! Making a denim tote is super easy, they can be customized in so many different ways. Old jeans are durable and hard-wearing. Upcycling your jeans is a good choice of har material. I love this easy bag, it’s usually stuffed with a crochet blanket I am slowly…

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Choosing the right fabric and interfacing for your next bag making project

February 29, 2020

When bag making a common thought is “How to make fabric stiff for bag making”. There are so many choices of fabric and interfacing it can be confusing to know where to start. How do you know what interfacing to use for bags? As you become an experienced bag maker you will develop your preferences for the bags you enjoy sewing and using.  Which fabric…

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How to make a top zipper closure for a bag

February 25, 2020

A top zipper closure is far easier to achieve than you may think, let me show you how.  Before we start think about the type of zipper you are going to use, do you have hardware on your bag? If so what colour is it? Do you want the zipper teeth to match? Personally I am rather passionate about bag making – if you are…

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How to put lining in a bag, 2 Methods

How to line a bag: two easy ways of lining a bag for the simplest to the most complicated bags and purses. There are two methods for how to put lining in a bag, turned out and drop-in method.  For both methods, you need to make your external bag, and then your lining bag. For the drop-in method, they are identical, for the turn through…

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