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Pallet Wood Christmas Tree

December 16, 2019
Pallet Wood Christmas Tree 2

This DIY triangular Christmas tree is made from an old pallet and a string of Christmas lights, simple yet effective Christmas decor suitable for your sideboard, mantlepiece or even your porch. We have made one – but if you are going to decorate your porch three in varying sizes could look lovely. Do you look at Christmas decorations in shops and wonder how to make…

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DIY Angel Ornaments for Christmas

December 11, 2019
DIY Angel Ornaments for Christmas 10

Have you crafted with modroc before? It is fabulous for creating sculptural forms when combined with cardboard. These DIY Angle ornaments are made from a former cereal box, a polystyrene ball, mod rock, acrylic paint and silver leaf. My children enjoyed making these DIY Angel decorations with me – there is something very relaxing about working with mod rock, it is amazing just how solid…

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DIY Christmas Decorations with Tree Branches

December 7, 2019
DIY Christmas Decorations with Tree Branches 20

This year we have gone to town to come up with a variety of DIY Christmas decorations with tree branches. There is something so satisfying about making decorations using the materials to hand, in particular, tree branches saved from autumn prunings. The cost is minimal, you are saving resources by not buying new, the materials are plentiful…. there’s no need for me to go on!…

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Pebble Christmas Tree Decoration

November 29, 2019
Pebble Christmas Tree Decoration 54

Today I am sharing with you a Christmas decoration made of beach finds, pebbles and driftwood. this pebble Christmas decoration is perfect as a Christmas table decoration, mantlepiece decoration or on the sideboard. Sunday was a bit of a grey drizzly day, with children happy to be absorbed by screens. As winter draws in I find myself craving daylight and fresh air. It’s time to…

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Gift ideas for creatives

November 26, 2019
Gift ideas for creatives 88

Making can be such an addictive pastime, hobby, interest, sometimes we fly with our own ideas, other times we love to be inspired, to have instructions. Today I am sharing with you my gift guide for creative people. Included are PDF patterns, kits to beautiful supplies to create with. PDF patterns are so versatile, print them, and gift in a beautifully styled envelope with photographs…

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Quick and easy Christmas decorations

November 20, 2019
Quick and easy Christmas decorations 96

If you too love making Christmas decorations then you are going to love these great handmade decorations. They are super quick and easy to make, perfect for this time of year. It is far too easy to become a little overwhelmed with a long to-do list on the run-up to Christmas. Take a moment to pause, find your creativity and fabric scraps and make some…

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