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Recycled Jumper Cushion Cover – Tutorial

January 15, 2013
Recycled Jumper Cushion Cover - Tutorial 3

Not sure what the weather is like with you but it is rather cold and snowy here. The perfect time to set too and make the woolly jumper cushion cover then! The previous cushion cover had seen better days!! I am using this jumper I gained from a local clothes swish:) It is acrylic and will easily unravel once cut. Start by separating the front from the…

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Recycled eco bags… my journey so far

January 8, 2013

2012 has been quite a year, my creativity was resparked with a Christmas gift from my husband…”the perfect handmade bag” by Clare Youngs. I was inspired to set to and make some of the bags from the book, which I greatly enjoyed. Prompted on by a friend setting up a Facebook Page and attending craft fairs I realised that I would always regret it if…

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The sales… tempted, are you?

December 30, 2012

My inbox is flooded with flyers for shops offering great discounts. Always one for a bargain I would love to spend a day browsing at gorgeous clothes, and treating myself to the odd new item. Several reasons are stopping me – what do I actually really need, time and finances! However there is also a feeling of waste, don’t get me wrong I love new…

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Homemade Christmas Presents

December 10, 2012

Time is rapidly running out for making homemade Christmas presents. My original christmas card design was pressed bracken trees on handmade paper. However I quickly became covered in sticky adhesive spray, and found the bracken difficult to stick down (as you can see!). So instead I have gone for an old christian music score folded into a tree shape. Traditionally I make Chutneys and Jams… sadly this years…

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Homemade Christmas decorations

November 26, 2012

Thoughts are turning to Christmas… I am loving this advent calendar, and think my daughter would really enjoy helping to make it. I’m considering a visit to a few DIY stores for green wallpaper samples 🙂 Other ideas include a rag fabric wreath, or felt flower wreath, tinsel made of scraps of felted wool jumpers… I do love blogs and Pinterest for ideas. At the moment my 5…

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Bags, bags, bags.. Upcycled .. recycled

November 20, 2012
Bags, bags, bags.. Upcycled .. recycled 17

I am loving pinterest to see what other people are making, feeling inspired by the following upcycled creations: I particularly like the use of old fashioned wooden coat hangers for the handles, coupled with mens shirts. Plus Zinc White have a rather stylish website which also features jewellery made from crayons. Interesting facts are featured “in the UK more than 1 million tonnes of textiles are thrown…

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A passion for sewing, upcycling and caring for the environment - the perfect excuse to haunt charity shops for bargains!

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