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Pattern Review Simplicity 1797

I have recently joined a Facebook page Stitch Once, Rip Twice, the members agree a sewing challenge every couple of months. I joined the group at challenge no six, to sew a simple dress.

Simplicity 1797 dress pattern

As a teenager I was fortunate to have a great needlework teacher who taught me how to follow dress patterns. I remember some of her sayings, only buy a pattern where it has been made up and is pictured worn by someone, where you can see both shoulders. With this in mind and my desire to stick with an easy to sew fabric I visited my local shop, Style and Craft.

Pattern Review Simplicity 1797

The shop assistants were extremely helpful, and an hour later I left with my supplies, cotton print and Simplicity Pattern 1797:) I have to admit I did gulp at the cost, I find it hard that dressmaking costs so much more than buying a ready made item.

After a small amount of deliberation I decided to make version B.


Sewing the dress was relatively straight forward, rather useful as this is the first time I have sewn an item of clothing for me, since I left school 20 + years ago!

The written instructions seemed a little light on occasion, but the pictures really helped. As is my tendency I did skim read the instructions. Consequently I sewed the binding on the pleats in the wrong place.

dress pleats

The mistake soon came to light when sewing the bodice and skirt together! Thankfully it did not take too long to redo.

Simplicity 1797 fitting

Sewing the two together I decided to tack in the zip and check it fitted – to my delight it did. Rather fortunate as I had not really checked my measurements against the pattern or made any size alterations.

Dress pattern review

Am I satisfied with the finished result? Yes:) I am delighted it fits well. I think I will be able to dress it up or down, as the occasion fits.



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Pam @Threading My Way

Thursday 5th of June 2014

Great going for your first dress, Vicky!!! It fits so well. You look fabulous.


Wednesday 4th of June 2014

I love the pleats! This dress is very flattering! I'm with you, sometimes it just surprises me how much it cost just for the fabric alone or just for the pattern alone! I do enjoy it a lot though and it is always worth it! And then I get bragging rights because I've sewn it by myself! ;)


Tuesday 3rd of June 2014

I love that dress, and I love the detail of adding different color at neck, armholes and the pleats! And the fit is perfect. I am with you, the cost of patterns are crazy right now, I always have a list of patterns I want but I refuse to buy them until they are on sale. It fits you so nice that you can use that pattern several times with wonderful outcomes each time.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.