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Procrastination and #Menditmay

Do you procrastinate? I know I do… Despite my love of sewing I dare not confess how many months I have been wearing my work cardigan with seams that need a little mending. Procrastination, failing to tackle tasks – in our extremely busy lives it can be very easy to neglect tasks, not to focus.

So #menditmay hosted by Jen Gale is a fantastic opportunity to focus.  The aim of the month is to highlight mending, to raise the profile of mending. We don’t loose anything by attempting to mend something, in fact we have everything to gain! No need to go shopping, saving money and the words resources

Personally the months focus helps me overcome procrastination on small jobs that often only take five to ten minutes to complete. My natural focus is on whatever my current creative project is rather than repairing waht I have. So for #menditmay I have a mental list of the household mending, I am working my way through the pile.


Reattaching the DIY blind in small toilet – a five minute job to staple gun the sticky back velcro back onto the wood.

Seams in cardigan, hand stitched back together around the arm hole.

Protruding underwire in two bras, pushed back into place, hand stitched over the ends, and a touch of nail varnish applied (blame google for the nail varnish!).

Button sewn onto work blouse.

Elastic waist band taken in on a skirt.

Tackling my overlocker which ceased up – very scary. I took the side off which seemed to release whatever the problem was, phew…


In hand:

Winter boots are being resoled. I just LOVE the ticket I was given – what a fabulous sentiment “Shoes worth wearing are worth repairing”

Car booked into the garage, the rubber seal round the door has come adrift.

To do:

Repair button holes on son’s duvet cover

Top to take in.

Repair to ripped curtain.

Teddy bear to repair (tempted not to as its enormous orange thing won at a fairground attraction but I will!!)

Amazing what a bit of focus can do for me!! So what mending do you have laying around? Is it sewing? DIY? technology? There are so many resources around to help you tackle your mending, a quick google search often brings up solutions. If the mending is out of your skill zone do you have a local Repair Cafe? If you have not heard of repair cafes they are normally run by volunteers on a monthly basis, you take your item in and find help to repair it. This website has a list of Repair Cafes per county.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.