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Refashion runaway – velvet

Are you a fan of the blog Renegade Seamstress? She regularly shares tutorials for refashioning garments of clothing. Each year she runs friendly refashioning competition plus sew a long. Last year I took part, although failed to keep up to the end. I made a skirt from a maxi dress which I love, particularly due to its bright pattern. Its a garment I would never have tried on in a clothes shop. I view the sew a long as an opportunity to push myself, to try and be creative with clothes, to try something new.

However it’s the school summer holidays here. I love having the children at home, catching up with friends and family, days at the beach, but consequently there is not much time for sewing.

This week we have been camping on the north Norfolk coast. I spotted the Refashion Runaway sew along on my phone with a rare moment of wifi access. A perfect excuse to visit Sheringham’s charity shops looking for velvet so I could take part – there was only one choice! Thankfully the black velvet skirt, although two sizes too small, did have plenty of fabric.

black velvet skirt refashion

I decided to be realistic about my limited time, aiming for a quick refashion. My plan to shorten the skirt so that the waist band fitted my waist and add a ruching/gathering effect at the side or middle – somewhere!.

shorten velvet skirt

First step to cut off several inches and create a new elasticated waist band. Next – employ brother with camera..

gathering both sides

refashion runaway 2016

After seeing looking at my photographed options I decided to take in the side seams to reduce the width of the skirt. Then I added a gathering to the side of the front of the skirt.

Gathering side up

I have to admit this refashion definitely counts as having a go, trying something different as opposed to I am delighted with the results!

Have fun with refashioning old clothes. Refashion a velvet skirt into a short skirt with ruching.

Searching through my wardrobe this was the most suitable top – maybe this coming week I will find something metallic to refashion to style with the skirt.

If you fancy sewing along with the contestants its fairly open ended but the posts must not have been shared previously on your blog. The challenges are:

Week One: Velvet

Week Two: Metallic

Week Three: Buttons

Week Four: Tunic

Week Five: Pantone Color of the Season: Riverside

To see and vote for the contestants makes this week on the theme of velvet visit Renegade Seamstress here.






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Lucy Blossom

Thursday 8th of September 2016

I'd never have thought to repurpose something by shortening the length and making it bigger - you always have such great ideas.


Wednesday 10th of August 2016

How fun and great to challenge yourself too. That's one hung I wish I could do is to be able to alter and transom items x

The Patchwork Fairy

Monday 8th of August 2016

Great bit of refashioning there - I think it's a fun idea to have a themed competition - I'd love to do it but know I couldn't keep up at the moment. I'l look forward to seeing you makes in the next categories!


Monday 8th of August 2016

Love the new skirt and you will probably get more wear from a shorter version. Last repurposed sewing I did was a pair of jeans, battered from the knee down, into a skirt.


Sunday 7th of August 2016

Your new skirt looks great Vicky! Awesome quick upcycle!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.