Cotton & Leather Clutch

February 16, 2014

Cotton & Leather Clutch

 cotton & leather clutch

Sometime back I pinned this gorgeous clutch from A Beautiful Mess. Inspiration struck this week, re the materials I could use. First up a fat quarter  I won quite a long time ago from Sarah Waterhouse. Sarah prints with eco prints on organic cotton, this particular design is Thunderbolt.

Cotton & Leather Clutch #DIY

For the first time ever I was successful at sewing leather, using a walking foot, going slowly with a long stitch. To avoid holes in the leather from pins I used my daughters hair clips for holding the fabric and leather together.


The second clutch I made with Amy Butler fabric, which I equally love. The instructions were easy to follow although the measurements did not quite seem to add up in comparison to the picture (ie proportion of fabric to leather). I followed the instructions re the zip, having never inserted a zip in this fashion I managed to install it initially upside down!  A seam ripper is a girls best friend:)


Following feedback re bags I know ladies love internal pockets with a zip closure so I added in an internal pocket in each.


Thanks for all those people who visited via Grow your Blog, which was great fun – frustratingly I was not methodical re visiting the 600 blogs and lost track of which I had visited! I am delighted to announce the winner for this gorgeous small bag (also Thunderbolt fabric!) Micupoftea I have sent you an e-mail:)

As usual I am popping by Handmade Harbour 🙂


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22 responses to “Cotton & Leather Clutch”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Looks gorgeous! Would love to get a chance to see them sometime?
    Have you considered trying decent faux leather (if you come across any on travels) too for those of us of a vegetarian/ vegan persuasion? I do love a good clutch bag! xx

  2. Amylouise5 says:

    I’ll bring them to Make & Create:)

  3. Ali says:

    The bags look great, great contrasting fabrics. I’m impressed with your sewing using leather (can’t imagine it’s easy) and your inspired use of your daughter’s hair clips.
    Ali xx

  4. Lucy Blossom says:

    Lovely bags, and what a great idea to use hair clips to hold leather still – I shall try and remember that when I finally get brave enough to sew oilcloth.

  5. Clare says:

    Beautiful little clutches and fabulous material! I can see them being very useful with all that space!

  6. They are lovely, especially the one with the black and white trim. Very pretty. Hope you have a good week.

  7. fatmonica says:

    These are gorgeous.I love the combination of fabric and leather and the patterns you’ve used are lovely.

  8. Using hair clips is inspired. I am very impressed. (Since you swapped I realise that I no longer get your posts in my reader – I will try to rectify.)

  9. Love Natalie says:

    Lovely bags as always. Great idea with the clips x

  10. Ginny says:

    Although I like the leather, I think my favourite bag is the grey and white stripes at the bottom. Lovely fabric.

  11. They look amazing! Really well made & leather must be such a difficult material to work with!

  12. mecki says:

    Love them, also the zipped compartments inside. Looked at your etsy shop too. Most impressive! x

  13. Cotton and leather is a great combination, I love your choice of fabrics too.

    Jan x

  14. These are fab! Such a fun idea to combine leather and cotton, the effect is original and also more robust looking too x

  15. micupoftea says:

    Hi Vicky! Wow- what a nice surprise! I’m excited to have been selected. The bags are really cute- love the fabric choices and zipper tops. Glad you had fun with the GYB event. I did too. 🙂

    • Amylouise5 says:

      I put all the names in a bowl, and my daughter picked one out (I thought if I asked her to pick a number between 1 and 50 she would pick one in the middle which did not seem fair for first and last people to comment!)

  16. Esther F says:

    These clutches are gorgeous! I must try to sew leather one of these days.
    Great job!!!

  17. Very cool clutches 🙂 They would make a great gift!

  18. ELvira says:

    that is a pretty clutch! I have not tried sewing with leather or faux leather cos I am not sure if I can handle it.

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