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October 13, 2013

Jewellery roll


Midweek it dawned on me that I was about to attend a 40th birthday with no gift – which is just not right!

I find making an item for someone I know I add pressure to myself, am I going to make what they are envisaging? Is the finish going to be good enough? Will I select fabric they like?

As usual I had a search of the internet for tutorials and ideas for the design – I have pinned a couple of jewellery roll tutorials here.




“A truly beautiful and thoughtful gift, and one that will be well used :-)”

I am so delighted Becky liked the result.

 knitting needle cases

The rest of the week has been creating further knitting needle cases – they are my best seller – somehow I had stock of only three!



Plus I have been working on a commission – which involves a concealed top edge zip (trying not to panic that it will go right?!)

As usual I am stopping by Handmade Harbour to see what other people have been busy making this week:)


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14 responses to “Create a jewellery roll”

  1. Ginny says:

    I have made quite a few children’s pencil rolls, but had thought they could be adapted into travel jewellery rolls or even holders for make up. Yours looks very pretty, and is such a useful gift.

    • Amylouise5 says:

      Would work perfectly for make up brushes, probably without having to change the measurements hardly at all:) Some of the jewellery rolls I looked at had a fabric tube/roll for rings. x

  2. the jewellery roll is such a great idea for a gift and i really love your knitting needle holders, i can see why they’re popular – practical and gorgeous! 🙂

  3. Lucy Blossom says:

    What a lovely idea for a gift, I love the pretty fabric you’ve used.

  4. Love Natalie says:

    That is such a good gift idea. And I love your knitting needle rolls as well x

  5. What a great gift idea! I shall add this to my list of things to try! 🙂

  6. CatkinJane says:

    The jewellery roll is such a good idea, I have one of those sitting in the unfinished pile – didn’t like the way it was going!

  7. I’ve made a couple of jewellery rolls myself, again after trawling the Internet. I love the fabric you chose.

  8. Oh man, do I need one of these! My mom always had one and I was so jealous! Now I can make my own!

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