January 4, 2015



I guess many of you are like me, reaching Christmas with unmade gifts. At least my plan of making my family an IPAD stand was unknown, so it wasn’t missed!



Some time ago I pinned a couple of tutorials for IPAD Stands over on Pinterest.

The one I chose to follow  is by mypatchwork. My decision was based on the fact that this involved a rectangular piece of fabric as opposed to cutting out triangular pieces. The  old red curtain fabric is handy, it’s easy to spot bright red items amongst the chaos of a family home – at least thats the theory!

IPAD Tablet stand in progress

I modified the pattern slightly. Having inserted the cardboard base I sewed the seam which holds the cardboard base and filling in, then inserted the filling through a 1cm gap.

stitching in cardboard

With assistance from the main IPAD user I filled the stand with a 1kg bag of rice and topped it up with toy stuffing (inserted with a crochet hook), before hand finishing the seam.  I chose rice as a thrifty weighty alternative to the suggested stone due to the age of the users.


In retrospect it could benefit from a higher ratio of stuffing to rice.


However the IPAD stand does the job.. the tot is happy to watch his cbeebies downloads with the IPAD propped upright, when he can manage to sit still that is!

IPAD stand






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10 responses to “DIY IPAD Stand”

  1. What a great idea, especially if you have one of those tough cases. I love the theory behind the red!

  2. Sara says:

    Great idea! I usually use my phone for recipes, but having a little stand would make the ipad much easier to use in the kitchen.

  3. Donna says:

    Love it! Very useful.

  4. JaimeSews says:

    Great idea! We were able to find a cheap case (actually it was the only case that would fit) for my son’s new tablet that his Aunt spoiled him with for Christmas. It folds back to act as a stand. Otherwise I’d be doing like you and making something! Turned out great!

  5. Agy says:

    Brilliant Vicky! Love the sturdiness of the base 🙂

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