15 Minute Shirt Cushion Cover

January 1, 2014

Starting the year as I  mean to go on, I have created a stylish upcycled cushion cover out of one of the many shirts in my stash.

Our cushion covers are somewhat tatty, and the worse for wear. In fact I was rather embarrassed when I came to look at them closely!



I started by selecting the cushion I wished to replace, and ironing the shirt I intended to use.


Fold the cushion cover in half and place down the centre of the shirt. Use it as a  pattern piece, don’t forget to allow a seam allowance.


Turn your shirt right sides together. Stitch round, and then finish your raw edges with a zigzag to stop it fraying too much.

Shirt Cushion Cover Tutorial

Upcycled Shirt Cushion Cover

Turn the right side out, insert cushion pad and button up:) One finished shirt cushion cover.


Upcycling shirts appear to a recurring January theme, check out this blog post for alternative shirt ideas:)

My intention this year is to attempt to reduce my fabric stash.. how many of us start the year with this intention?! What New Year resolutions have you made?

Happy New year, here’s to a year of creativity:)



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3 responses to “15 Minute Shirt Cushion Cover”

  1. Agy says:

    This is great! So we use the buttons instead of the zip – I love that.

  2. What a great idea! I have some shirts that were my husband’s that he has gotten spots on that won’t come out. If I was strategic about it, I could make some pillows out of them! Thank you for linking up to Tips and Tricks!

  3. Awesome! It is so fast and the buttons makes it so easy! Great tutorial!

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