DIY Gold Leaf Necklace

July 22, 2018

I don’t know about you but I go through a variety of thoughts re costume jewellery, sometimes I love it, sometimes I’m not so sure. But there is no doubt that a necklace can transform an outfit, dressing up or down.  I’m currently taking part in a buy no new clothes challenge for three months. I have to confess I am finding the summer sales tempting. My day job is based in a city centre, perfect when I wish to pick up a zip off the market but the downside is I am surrounded by beautiful clothes in shop windows. To make the challenge easier I am allowing myself to make new clothes from my existing fabric stash with a variety of accessories.

Following Me Made May I thought my handmade wardrobe gaps were long sleeve T’s and trousers, but now summer has arrived I realise that I own no mid-length skirts and limited handmade tops. With very few days before the children break up from school I having been sewing, and sewing, and sewing – almost as if I can sense the opportunities to sew over the summer will be limited. My favourite newly sewn outfit is this A-line skirt, fabric from my stash (originally Big C charity shop) pattern with the magazine Dressmaker, current issue, (New Look K6106) paired with a black knit top – pattern “the drape top” from the magazine Simply Sewing, fabric from my stash.

A line skirt with DIY gold leaf necklace

To dress my outfit up I have made a gold leaf necklace, using what I have to hand. Bright beads – a gift, (I suspect from Tiger), chalk paint, gold leaf and a scrap of leather.

It really is ever so simple to make this DIY Gold leaf necklace.

DIY Gold Leaf Necklace 1

Make your own fun gold leaf necklace, a quick and simple DIY necklace #DIYgoldleafnecklace


DIY Gold Leaf Necklace




DIY Gold Leaf Necklace 3

This gold leaf necklace is really easy to make – start by painting your beads with a dark grey paint. I have used graphite chalk paint but you could just as easily use acrylic. Allow to fully dry.

DIY Gold Leaf Necklace 5

Apply PVA to beads, whilst still tacky press on gold leaf.

DIY Gold Leaf Necklace 7

Rub off the excess gold leaf.

Create a leather strap for the beads – trim a strip of leather, approximately 29″ long.

DIY Gold Leaf Necklace 9

Thread the beads and tie a knot.DIY Gold Leaf Necklace 11

It really is that easy – if you love DIY necklaces then you may love my t-shirt necklace, I never wear my essential denim dress without it!

DIY Gold Leaf Necklace 13


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