Embroidered Tweed Bag

June 22, 2014

Remember my giving thanks post from a couple of weeks ago? All that lovely fabric… I have decided to make a thank you embroidered tweed bag for Ann.

It may not be winter but it seems completely appropriate to make her a tweed bag out of the fabrics she kindly gave me.
Embroidered threads

I picked out this lovely grey, with subtle hints of other colours. Branching out from my comfort zone I have decided to add some embroidery to pick out these subtle colours.

Embroidered Tweed


If you would like to make your own…

Tweed Fabric Bag Tutorial

Cut two pieces of fabric using an A4 sheet as a pattern, add 1 cm seam allowance all round. This forms the body of the bag.

paper template

Mark in at 7cm from each side, and a further 4 cm in from each side. These marks are for creating pleats. Fold in to form two pleats on each piece of fabric.

Tweed Bag pleats

Baste stitch pleats to hold in place. Place right sides together of front and back and stitch along sides and bottom.

Main bag

Next we are going to create some width to the bag. Fold at the bottom corners so that the seams line up with each other.

bag width

If you have a quilter’s ruler are great for finding the right angle to mark a stitching line across. I made my bag 2″ wide.

Bag width 2

Mark and stitch, then trim the seam.

Bag corners

Repeat the above steps for the lining, add any internal pockets you wish. I have added a small zip pocket.

tweed bag lining

Lets create the handle next. Cut fabric 7cm by 64cm, fold in 1cm seam allowance along edges, and fold handle in half. Stitch along both sides of the handle. Place to one side.

Cut the top band of the bag, 4 pieces of heavy weight interfacing 26.5cm by 7cm, and four pieces of fabric 28.5cm by 9cm (1cm seam allowance). Iron on your interfacing to the wrong side of each piece.

top band

Add any embroidery you would like to one piece.

Place two pieces right sides together and stitch along sides, and repeat.

top band 1

Pin the handles along side seams. Now place the two bands on top of each other, ready to stitch the top seam of the bag opening – check your embroidery is the correct way up for this seam, and the handles pinned correctly for this.

handle fixing

Insert magnetic fastenings to the two inside pieces.

magnetic fastening

Top stitch the top of your band. If your sewing machine does not cope with the thickness of the fabric I suggest you understitch, as shown. This is a row of neat stitching just on the inside of the inside of the band, which captures all the internal fabric from the seams.


Assemble the bag – this is where it all comes together. Insert the lining inside the main bag and tack in place.

Place the top band, right sides together, round the bag. make sure your embroidery is at the top so that when it is turned the correct way out it is on the outside of the bag.

Assembling bag

Tack, and then sew in place. If your machine struggle with the three layers of fabric I suggest lengthening your stitch and using a walking foot.

assemble tweed bag

Fold the top band over. Then turn in your seam allowance, and hand stitch. If your machine will cope with the layers, top stitch this seam from the outside of the bag. (Sadly mine doesn’t)

tweed embroidered bag

There are so many different ways you can customize this bag, add a bow to the front, one large flower… Have fun making your own.

Tutorial Tweed Bag


If you make this bag I would love to see it:)

As usual I am off to check out fellow Handmade Harbour creative:)




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20 responses to “Embroidered Tweed Bag”

  1. Ginny says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I may give it a go. I love the embroidery details.

  2. What a gorgeous bag, the subtle embroidery on the tweed is so pretty. Thank you for the tutorial too! x

  3. It’s a cute little bag – I love the simple pattern with the little touches of embroidery and pleats – very sweet, I hope she likes it!

  4. Emma T says:

    Ooh lovely bag. It reminds me of one of my mum’s friends – it would suit her down to the ground.

  5. Your embroidery adds just the right amount of embellishments, Vicky. You’ve chosen the perfect colours. A great bag!!!

  6. Joan says:

    Bags are so satisfying to make, love how the embroidery makes the colours come alive in this fabric.

  7. Wow, this is amazing! I can’t believe that people can make things like this from scratch – well done. And the embroidery is just a lovely added touch 🙂

  8. Lucie says:

    Love your bag. A great balance of practicality and embellishment. Love how you styled your top photo.

  9. Lucy Blossom says:

    A beautiful bag, with lovely embroidery detail. Thanks for sharing how to make it too.

  10. A lovely bag and a really great tutorial – many thanks for sharing it with us. Hope you have a good week.

  11. How pretty! I love the combination of the delicate stitching with the heaview tweed.

  12. I am still shocked and amazed that you actually made this yourself, how clever you are! It’s beautiful popping over from http://www.mummy2monkeys.co.uk #LAB

  13. I’m totally envious of anyone who can sew and create something as amazing as this! I cannot sew at all sadly. Well done on such a brilliant bag.

  14. This is a beautiful bag and I love the embroidery detail you have added. I am still learning how to use my sewing machine properly but managed to make my daughter a very simple bag.. I’d love to finally be able to make something like this 🙂

  15. Lovely bag – its great to give back x
    Look forward to seeing what you make with the other fabrics x

  16. This is brilliant! Thanks for linking up with Tuesday Tutorials #pintorials

  17. Louisa says:

    I love your bag. I’m pinning this, I have a lovely off cut of fabric that would make a great summer bag. Thanks for the great tutorial #pintorials

  18. Andrea Kay says:

    Vicky, this is a lovely bag, so stylish, and thank you for a really clear tutorial.

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