How to upcycle a sideboard

December 29, 2019

I am super excited to share with you how to upcycle a sideboard, this is my upcycled sideboard before and after. There’s nothing quite like using what you have and giving your room a whole new look with some upcycling. 

How to upcycle a sideboard 1

The sideboard sits in the corner of the living room, a bit of a dead space where “stuff” tends to accumulate on the top for no apparent reason. Giving the sideboard a makeover the plan is to transform this dead space.


How to upcycle a sideboard 3

A few weeks back I reminded my husband that he had agreed to the upcycling the oak sideboard with fusion mineral paint, casually dropping into the conversation he had agreed I could paint it purple… My husband looked somewhat taken aback, clearly forgetting previous conversations!! With him away for the day it was the perfect time to make it over – the sideboard is very heavy so I needed to paint it in situ – rather close to his favourite chair near the television.



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To complete the transformation I spent time contemplating a variety of door handles as they can completely change the feel of a piece of furniture. I considered old fashioned door handles, mixing and matching glass handles but decided instead to opt for a contemporary feel with leather handles. I could not be more pleased with the result, it has such a different feel to it and reflects my current taste in furniture (I appreciate some people prefer original wood and that this is not for everyone). 


How to upcycle a sideboard 9


We treated ourselves to new indoor houseplants as a gift to ourselves on our 15 year wedding anniversary – all I have to do now is keep them alive, which as my father-in-law would say is a little bit of a challenge! I am not renowned when it comes to indoor houseplants.


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How to upcycle a sideboard

How to upcycle a sideboard

Learn how easy it is to update your old sidebaord wirh fusion mineral paint and new leather door handles

Active Time 1 days
Total Time 1 days


  • Filler tool
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint brush
  • Screw driver
  • Drill
  • Door handles (if replacing)


    1. Whether you are changing the hardware or not you will achieve the best finish by removing it from the sideboard.How to upcycle a sideboard 11
    2. If you are replacing the hardware and the new has different fittings, fill the holes with woodfiller. Allow to fully dry and sand down. How to upcycle a sideboard 12
    3. Thoroughly clean the sideboard, I have used washing up liquid in warm water with a cloth. You need to ensure there are no grease stains of any sort left on the furniture, as the paint will not adhere to grease.How to upcycle a sideboard 13
    4. Are you planning on knocking back the edges of the furniture to reveal a contrasting colour as opposed to the wood? If so paint the contrasting colours along the edges. How to upcycle a sideboard 14
    5. Once this first colour is dry rub wax where you plan on sanding back. The wax acts as a resist and helps you sand back to reveal the colour beneath. I have used a block of beeswax.How to upcycle a sideboard 15
    6. Paint you mineral paint onto the funriture, I have chosen geranium which is a beautiful plum like colour.How to upcycle a sideboard 16
    7. After half an hour sand to reveal the original colour beneath. I have been a little reserved with my sanding but you can see the grey peeping through. How to upcycle a sideboard 17
    8. Fusion mineral paint is touch dry very quickly but does not fully cure for three weeks. Bear this is in mind when adding new hardware - it will scratch relatively easily in the whilst fully curing. Drill you new holes for handles and add to the sideboard. To update my sideboard I chose to use grey leather handles (I bought these as I had no grey leather to hand but they would be super easy to make) How to upcycle a sideboard 18
    9. Select a drill pices suitable for wood and the size tht reflects the fittings of the handles.How to upcycle a sideboard 19
I hope you enjoyed seeing my upcycled sideboard before and after.  I love working with fusion mineral paint, it has a very durable finish, plus it is super easy to obtain a flat finish with no brush marks. Check out my other how to fusion mineral paint projects:-

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How to upcycle a sideboard 20


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