How to make chalk paint gift tags

December 19, 2016

DIY Cereal Packet Gift Tags, chalk paint gift tagsThis is my annual gift tag plea… there’s nothing worse than trying to remember who gave you which gift in which paper, or attempting to find a name scrawled in biro!! Trust me!!

This year I am enjoying wrapping gifts in the discarded paper from delivered parcels. A press with the iron and the paper is good to go:)

My gift tags are made with old cardboard, sprayed with negro plomo chalk paint. I have used Novasol Spray UK. Chalk paint was not originally invented for creating gift tags out of old cardboard but I am pleased with the finish.  For the best results use cardboard which has no sheen/print on it.

How to make chalk paint gift tags



Firstly spray one side of your old cardboard. Allow to fully dry then turn over and repeat.

DIY Cereal Packet Gift Tags, chalk paint gift tags

If you have one use a guillotine to cut out beautiful straight lined gift tags.

Decorate with a chalk paint pen, or if you don’t have one (like me!) how about cut out shapes in white paper?

DIY Cereal Packet Gift Tags, chalk paint gift tags

I have used a silver pen to add names. I suggest writing on the side of the original cardboard which had no image/sheen to it as this allows the pen to adhere.

DIY Cereal Packet Gift Tags, chalk paint gift tags

This is super easy and so effective, what’s more, I am loving the thrifty nature of the wrapping and gift tags.




The chalk paint was provided for free in return for the blog post

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2 responses to “How to make chalk paint gift tags”

  1. Agy says:

    I haven’t seen chalk board spray in my area, only paint on. Will have to hunt it down! But did you have issues of not being able to get an even coat?

  2. Jill says:

    Great idea for gift tags Vicky!! Love it!

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