Printers press tray for cotton reels

January 20, 2016

Printers Press Tray is ideal storage for cotton reels – easily accessible and beautiful to the eye.

The other day my husband delighted me with the words “I have a present for you” for a brief moment I wondered what it would be, after all the last gift I gave him was a pizza cutter!! Imagine my delight to discover it was a printers press tray:) He had no idea I had been keeping my eyes out for one for a couple of years.

Printers tray

Admittedly it is not the best quality, but that doesn’t matter!

My original plan was to remove the back, paint it and then reattach. However it just didn’t look like it would cope. Instead I carefully painted each section – find out more over at Gumtree’s upcycling hub where I am delighted to be a guest writer.

My painting wasn’t quite as neat as I hoped but it really doesn’t show as your eye is naturally drawn to the cotton reels:)

storage for cotton reel, printers tray

I love it:) Have you tried chalk paint? Its a great product for painting any wood – no primer needed!




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4 responses to “Printers press tray for cotton reels”

  1. Elizabeth Eales says:

    Well done Mr. M! 🙂
    Looks great Vicky. x

  2. migdalia says:

    fantastica idea. gracias

  3. Lesley says:

    I have a tray like that and I put in Wade figurines from Red Rose tea.

  4. saki komai says:

    Thanks vicky, this will be a great present for my wife. She is so good in design and artwork. She will love this idea.

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