Transform your ribbons into Christmas earrings

November 10, 2016

Today is challenge 9 of the #12DaysofChristmasDIYChallenges

The challenge – Make something to wear for Christmas using what you have in your house – this could be a plain clothing item transformed into a Christmassy one, or jewellery or accessories.

I have to admit I slightly cheated with this challenge by buying earring fittings – but I love my new earring from ribbons and beads.


To make your own you will need ribbon/wool, earrings fittings, glue, invisible thread, beads and a needle.


You will have to forgive me for not knowing technical words – attach a long piece of wire to the earring fixtures as above.

Using glue attach wool and ribbons along the length of the wire.


Using invisible thread wrap beads randomly around the ribbons.


Ensure you tie/stitch the invisible thread securely, its slippery thread! The project is a little fiddly and took longer than I anticipated but I do love the finished result.


What can you make to jazz up your wardrobe for Christmas?


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3 responses to “Transform your ribbons into Christmas earrings”

  1. Mum says:

    Just love the ear rings!!

  2. Jill says:

    Ha – that’s funny that we both chose to make earrings!! Love yours – they’re so pretty and festive!

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