Refashion runaway – Mettalic

August 18, 2016

Last week I shared my sew along for Refashion Runaway. A friendly competition encouraging people to have a go at restyling former items of clothing. The theme this last week was metallic. It was a bit of a struggle to find anything in my local charity shops – I didn’t want to pay out and restyle a ball gown! I finally settled on a 1980’s handmade dress.

1980's dress

Its a shimmery slippery fabric from a manmade fibre.  The skirt has a reasonable amount of fabric in it. The plan – to make a top which can be dressed up or down, great for an afternoon or evening out.

Refashioned top, pattern free

To make this refashioned top pattern free I used an existing top as a pattern.

I started by cutting along the waistband.

use a top as a template

As the fabric pattern does not have an obvious right way up I could use keep the slip at the back of the skirt as the opening along the rear neckline.

I decided to add an additional layer to the front, with a shimmery transparent fabric.

Shimmery layer

This was tacked in place. Thw shimmery layer is stitched into the left hand side seam, the shoulder seams, and the front neckline. The hem of the main top I machine stitched, and then hand stitched the transparent fabric.

hand stitched hem

I made bias binding from the remaining fabric from the top. This was not easy as the fabric moved around so easily, but still no one is going to be coming up to measure and check the evenness of the neckline!

Handmade bias binding

The shimmery top layer is gathered near the shoulder seam.

gather at shoulder seam

I love the fact I have tried lots of sewing techniques new to me – for me that is the point of the sew along. Having a go, trying something new, not worrying about it going wrong. Will I wear me new top?? I’m not sure.. does it still look 1980’s to you?

To see and vote for the contestants makes this week on the theme of metallic visit Renegade Seamstress here.






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13 responses to “Refashion runaway – Mettalic”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Love the top! It’s gorgeous and definitely think you should wear it out sometime. xx

  2. Kathryn Sprowl says:

    Nope, doesn’t look 80’s anymore, especially with the sheer fabric on the top; I think is looks modern and fashionable.

  3. Neola says:

    Wow you took a dowdy dress and made it stylish!! You should definitely wear it!

  4. Jill says:

    Your new top looks beautiful Vicky! Great job!

  5. Definitely doesn’t look 1980s to me, Vicky. You should wear it on a night out, as it looks lovely.

  6. Michelle L says:

    Ooh, that is such a chic makeover! I really love the modern but feminine and dressy result!

  7. Try to wear clothes that fits your personality, even the dress are old as long as you know to carry it you will definitely get the attention of the readers,hope you don’t get offended.Just a piece of advice.

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