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World Earth Day 2015 – a day late

With the best of intentions I am a little late to the party. This years theme for world earth day is to plant a tree… our garden is somewhat full of trees so instead here’s some inspiration for growing your own fruit and vegetables.


We are blessed with a large spring garden full of bushes, trees, several lawns and raised beds thanks to my husbands hard work.

This year for the first time we are growing new potatoes in our Greenhouse. Hopefully they will be ready for harvesting soon so we can  plant out tomatoes.

Potatoes are an easy vegetable to grow, and can be grown in a small space such as an old dustbin. They need depth for the potatoes to grow on the roots.


Another easy crop is mixed salad leaves – our seedlings are beginning to show, as yet I cannot quite tell which is weed and which is salad! You can grow salad leaves in window boxes:)

Salad leaves

You can feed your soil with homemade compost, or the ash from a wood burner.

wood ash

You do not need a big garden to start growing your own. Growing your own fruit and vegetables is fun, rewarding and tasty. There are so many benefits including reducing food miles, gaining fresh air and exercise, and teaching children how food is produced. Plus the taste difference – freshly picked corn on the cob is my favourite, there’s nothing like it:)

But one of the biggest rewards is the fact we are giving a little back to our wonderful earth. Let me finish with these inspiring words –

“2015 – Earth Day’s 45th anniversary – could be the most exciting year in environmental history. The year in which economic growth and sustainability join hands. The year in which world leaders finally pass a binding climate change treaty. The year in which citizens and organizations divest from fossil fuels and put their money into renewable energy solutions. These are tough issues but we know what’s at stake is the future of our planet and the survival of life on earth. On Earth Day we need you to take a stand so that together, we can show the world a new direction. It’s our turn to lead. So our world leaders can follow by example.

In 2015, let’s redefine what progress looks like. It’s Our Turn to Lead.”






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Thursday 23rd of April 2015

lovely blog post Vicky x

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