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DIY Denim Oven Gloves

I have decided to make oven gloves! They are easy to make and create a great gift. It’s something virtually everyone will use and is so easy to personalize with different fabrics.

I like to pause, count my blessings and give thanks. For many sharing a meal is part of pausing, reflecting on the day and a period of listening to each other. To laugh, to be thankful for each other and good food. Personally, I find preparing a meal can be a daily chore or can feel creative and enjoyable. I’m up for anything which makes cooking enjoyable! So let’s make fun oven gloves, after all I cannot be without my oven, or oven gloves!!


I love working with preloved fabrics, a small step to reducing my impact on the environment – my oven gloves are made from an old worn pair of jeans and a former duvet cover. 

If you are looking for ideas for what to do with your old jeans? Check out my 25+ craft ideas for old jeans

You would never believe these easy double oven mitts are upcycled from jeans a duvet cover!! Follow the easy tutorial to learn how to make your own Double Oven Gloves #DIYOvenMitts #Ovenglovepattern

Sewing oven gloves involves sewing through layers of fabric – for hints and tips sign up to the newsletter, this gives access to the resource library with top tips for sewing bags. This tip sheet gives lots of top tips for sewing through layers of fabric.

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DIY Denim Oven Gloves

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  • Jeans leg length or denim fabric
  • Old duvet cover or cotton fabric
  • Insulating Fabric
  • Fabric to create bias binding & Bias Binder Maker
  • Parchment paper or tracing paper
  • Ruler

Start by creating a paper pattern piece.

Measure out 34 by 6 1/4″ and a piece 8 by 6 1/4″. Round the square ends, I have used a bowl – ensure each side is rounded evenly.

Cut out of your denim one main body piece and two pocket pieces.

Cut out of your cotton – one body piece and two pockets. Cut out the same pieces for your insulating fabric. Pin the layers together.

If you are making your own bias binding cut out 1 1/4 strips on the bias.

Join your strips together to make bias binding, you will need approximately 90″

Fold the edges in and press, this is easier if you have a bias binder maker.

Unfold, pin along the edge of your pocket piece. Stitch, then fold over, in and hand stitch to finish.

Place the pocket pieces onto the main fabric piece.

Cut a strip of bias binding 3″ long, fold in half so the raw edges are enfolded. Stitch. Fold in half, place halfway along one of the long edges of the oven gloves, between the bias binding and oven glove.

Pin the bias binding in place, bending around the corners.

Stitch all around the oven glove. When your bias binding meets, pin and stitch at 90 degrees to the edge.

Trim then fold over as previously.

Finish the oven glove with hand stitching the bias binding in place on the opposite side.

DIY Denim Oven Gloves - old jeans project, Oven Glove sewing pattern

If you are a contemplating making a gift set for a friend or family member, you can pair the oven gloves with sandwich wraps, insulated lunch bag, and a cutlery bag.

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protective industrial products

Wednesday 27th of February 2019

Rarely does a worker need a glove to protect them from one thing. Generally it’s protection from both the job and the environment around them.

Pam @Threading My Way

Monday 31st of December 2018

This is my favourite design for oven mitts - with denim, even better. Must try this.

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