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Holidays – shop local

We have just had our annual family holiday camping in the north norfolk coast.

Just before we left I was reminded of the great campaign started by Carah Hamilton “just a card

The concept is simple. If we all buy a postcard, or similar low cost item each time we visit an art gallery or craft fair we will be making a considerable difference to the maker/seller. As a craft fair seller I can relate to this, the low cost sales really do add up without these I would make a loss.

Just a card

With this fresh in my mind we have attempted to support local sellers this holiday. We enjoyed a scrummy morning snack of homemade tiffin at Cromers parish church cafe. A round of drinks and snacks for four of costing a grand total of £5:20, plus fabulous service.

But the real difference in my attitude was at a local produce market. I met the lovely Sally of Felicity-Ann Bags selling handsewn items, including cushions, bags, hair clips and slides. All items I can easily make myself.

FelicityAnn Bags Stall Display

When my daughter fell in love with one of the hairband’s rather than my usual response of “I’ll make you one” I reached for my purse. Sally and I discussed with her how I could teach her to make them, and what lovely gifts they would make for her school friends.

Headband by FelicityAnn Bags

The local small purchase supported a fellow crafter and inspired my daughter, a win win if you ask me.

This summer please do think about supporting local makers when you can, it truly makes a real difference to the viability of a business.




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Monday 3rd of August 2015

I am touched by your post regarding shopping local and supporting businesses. My Grandma and I would sit for hours showing our lovely handmade items only to have others pick them apart, grill us on how we made it and ask where to get the supplies. How very discouraging when they would walk away without buying anything. Grandma made a pact that if she liked something someone has made she would buy one and then go home and re-create it in her style so as not to compete with the original seller. To this day I always try to buy at least something from where ever I am shopping. I know the sadness and heartbreak first hand. Thank you for sharing and encouraging everyone to shop local and support their communities. Creative Bliss...


Tuesday 4th of August 2015

Thanks Sherry, and thanks for taking the time to share your and your Grandma's story. I love how she had a pact to support local makers, and to add her own angle so as not to directly compete:)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.