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Homemade Christmas Presents

Time is rapidly running out for making homemade Christmas presents.


My original christmas card design was pressed bracken trees on handmade paper. However I quickly became covered in sticky adhesive spray, and found the bracken difficult to stick down (as you can see!). So instead I have gone for an old christian music score folded into a tree shape.


Traditionally I make Chutneys and Jams… sadly this years Apple & Blackberry Jam has gone mouldy although the chutney looks good…


For the teachers I am thinking of a potted plant, the pot painted in blackboard paint, chalked on “Thanks for helping me grow”, also great for our fantastic childminder….


For the children I would love to be making this playhouse/den, from the book ” The Handmade Home for Children” by Sania Pell. The reality is I think I have missed the moment and the children have grown up … instructions here.

Homemade christmas presents

For the few women I give gifts to I have nearly finished knitting a cowl, in beautiful Rowan Frost yarn, always a treat to knit in quality yarn:)

and a felt jumper recycled bag for my mother,

However that leaves the six men in my life (isn’t that always the case!). My search for upcycled man bags on Pinterest did not strike me with any inspiration. I’m not sure they are going to be into upcycled felted jumper I Pad cases, or cases made out of quality suit trousers. I love this IPAD cover from wool jackets from Etsy…   just don’t have any suits to upcycle!!


So for my Dad I am thinking of twinning his toilet:

and the rest I am just going to ask what they would like… any suggestions of homemade gifts for men much appreciated!

PS I did find a link to 101 DIY gifts for men… there are some great ideas, just not the men in my life

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Fiona Pullen

Saturday 28th of December 2013

I barely got chance to do make any handmade presents this year and probably won't get chance in 2014 as I've got a very busy year ahead. However, planing ahead I think I'm going to set myself a challenge in 2015 to make one handmade present per month so come Christmas I'll have at least 12 made.

Well done on making to many handmade presents.


Saturday 28th of December 2013

That was 2012 LOL!! This year I made one bag, which it turns out my brother did not really think was his wife's style - I gained a handmade bag for going to the gym (if I ever get there!):)

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