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How to make a DIY wash bag with zip

DIY wash bag for washing delicates, underwear and socks. My DIY net delicates lingerie bag is currently also being used for face masks.

Learn how to make your own wash bag with zip to hold all your bras, tights, underwear and even face coverings. This is a quick and easy sewing project. 

This DIY wash bag uses a former net curtain – the net material allows water and soap in easily, but keeps all delicate items safely inside, preventing any tangles of bra hooks etc… If you don’t have any old net curtains to hand you could use mesh fabric. The use of a nylon zip means no rust marks on your delicates !!

Net curtains are a super useful item to refashion, not only are they perfect for DIY wash bags but are also great for vegetable bags for market shopping.

My favorite use of these DIY delicates laundry bags is for washing my reusable makeup pads, along with face masks!

How to make a wash bag with zip

How to make a wash bag with zip


  • Net or Mesh
  • Bias Binding
  • Nylon Zip


  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Zipper foot


  1. Cut one rectangle of net or mesh 1/2" wider and two times plus 1" longer than your desired finished wash bag
  2. Cut two strips of bias binding the width of your net fabric.
  3. Place one short edge of the net along the side of the zipper teeth.
  4. Place one piece of bias binding parallel to the zipper teeth, over the top of your raw edge of net. Pin in place.
  5. Topstitch the bias binding in place. I recommend using a zipper foot.
  6. Fold the net fabric, under, up and over to the top edge of the zipper.
  7. Place the second strip of bias binding over the top, encasing the raw edge of net fabric.
  8. Topstitch the second strip of bias binding in place, ensuring you do not catch any of the back of the bag by accident. It may help to unzip partway.
  9. To finish the wash bag we are going to encase the two side edges in bias binding. Unzip the zipper a little and pin the net bag.
  10. Cut two strips of bias binding slightly longer than the side of your net bag (you will be turning the raw edges in).
  11. Fold the bias binding in half encasing the raw edge of your net and pin in place.
  12. At the corners fold in the raw edge
  13. Repeat for the second side.


Have fun with your choice of bias binding, or make your own with fabric scraps.

Starting on your bag making journey? Not sure where to start? Check out my Bag Making for Beginners Ebook.

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Linda Stidham

Friday 18th of December 2020

I share your passion for remaking! Love it! Linda

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