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How to make Sea Glass Christmas Decorations

Welcome to my first recycled and rustic DIY Christmas decorations for this year. I love Christmas, the build up, the decor, celebrating time with loved ones. There’s always a but, I’m not so keen on the consumerism. The adverts persuading us Christmas will not be perfect without spending money. Here’s to making, reusing, using what you have to create new items, far more creative and fun.

Back in the spring, we visited France, we spent hours combing the beach collecting sea glass, with no clear idea what we would use it, for now, seems a perfect time to have a think/play. At the time the thought of sea glass Christmas decorations was at the back of my mind… here’s the result.


Sea Glass Christmas Decorations

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Cut slices of log approximately 5-6 diameter and a centimeter thick. We used a saw, please do be careful and think about safety goggles and wearing suitable footwear.


Drill a small hole for threading a ribbon through for hanging your decoration. Be sure to use a wood drill piece, a masonry piece will just not work!

Sand your wood log slices, this step will help you avoid splinters as you work with the wood slices.



Create a paper stencil, draw around a round object and carefully cut out. I have used a craft knife and cutting mat. 


Spray one side of your stencil with a repositionable glue spray adhesive, press glue side down onto your log slice. Please do this in a well-ventilated area, ideally outside.


Spray the wood slice with white chalk paint, it best to do two or three thin coats to avoid drips/runs of spray paint.


once the spray is dry play with your shapes of sea glass. Have fun, think about proportions of the pieces as you create your trees from sea glass.


Use a strong adhesive to attach your sea glass to your log slices. I have used E6000 glue which has adhered the sea glass and wood well.


Thread ribbon through your pre-drilled hole, tie a knot and you are ready to hang your decorations. Simple yet effective.

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How to make Sea Glass Christmas Decorations

How to make Sea Glass Christmas Decorations

Quick and easy rustic Christmas decorations


  • Wood Slices
  • Card
  • Spray glue adhesive
  • Sea Glass
  • E6000


  • Saw
  • Sandpaper


  1. Cut wood slices
  2. Drill a hole in sea glass
  3. Sand the wood slices
  4. Prepare circular card template
  5. Spray template and apply to wood slice
  6. Spray the circular design onto the wood slice
  7. Arrange sea glass
  8. Apply the sea glass with E6000
  9. Thread a piece of ribbon through the hole, ready for hanging your finished sea glass decoration

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Monday 27th of November 2017

That's such a lovely idea to use sea glass. Now you can enjoy it every year.


Sunday 26th of November 2017

What a great idea. I enjoy picking up weathered sea glass, but never know what to do with it.

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