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The Easiest Pullover Crochet Sweater – Pattern review

This weekend the weather feels like the crossover between summer and autumn. Our children are settling into their new schools, and as a family we are settling into new routines. To celebrate making it through the first full week, we threw the tent in the car and headed for our favorite campsite at the coast. Packing my crochet I have finished my first crochet garment, I’m so excited!!  Here it is, the easiest pullover crochet sweater in it’s unblocked glory!

I started making the Easiest Pullover Crochet Sweater back in January, choosing the wool on a day trip to Kings Lynn to meet Anna (teaandasewingmachine). The yarn is Carnival Chunky by Stylecraft  (Probably discontinued now), using a crochet hook size 5.5 (UK). You can find the free Easiest Pullover Crochet Sweater Pattern at yarnhookneedles.

The sweater crocheted up quickly due tot he size of hook and the lacy pattern. With no shaping involved in the pattern it is a great first crochet garment to make. The pattern is a repeat of the stitches SC, CH1, DC, however I confused myself between UK & US crochet stitches (yep the UK calls crochet stitches different names t the US) I crocheted the following DC, CH1, HTR (UK), the instruction in UK crochets terms correctly translated are DC, CH1, TC.

I followed the pattern but then used a sweater I already had to act as a size guide for length.

The second modification is for the sleeves, initially, I started making the smallest sleeve which fits perfectly around my wrist. Thankfully part way through it dawned on me that my upper arm is distinctly wider than my wrist! So I gradually increased as I worked. I repeated the DC, CH1, HTR in the last stitch.

If you decide to make this sweater yourself always increase by multiples of three. These are the modifications I made:- 

Rows 16 & 19

Rows 30 & 31

Rows 45 & 48

Stitching the sweater together was nice and easy – I did try the sweater on a couple of times until I was pleased with the width of the neck opening.

I have made the sleeves too long, but I like the turned up cuff.  I am pleased with the modifications I made to the sleeves as I prefer the fitted sleeve look.

The Easiest Pullover Crochet Sweater - Pattern review

So would I recommend this pattern? Resoundingly Yes, I was apprehensive about making myself a crocheted sweater but it was easy and enjoyable. Thank you yarnhookneedles for the free pattern (if you prefer add free patterns you can buy the pattern from their Etsy shop).

If you prefer quicker projects then I tested six different crochet hat patterns, read about them here.

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Monday 17th of September 2018

It looks great Vicky, The whole US/UK terms can be very confusing! Your pattern would have had more of a fan shape if you had done trebles and probably grown a little quicker for you but that is the beauty of the pattern you chose - it doesn't matter! Crochet is pretty addictive - looks like you are hooked!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.