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A glass or two of wine later and I appear to have made a rash purchase of my own domain name – EEEEK! vs


As regular readers know I have been contemplating the step of moving from to for  a while. The realisation that I am now getting visitors from google search engines, therefore if I am ever going to do it now is the time!! Plus the need to order new business cards for a craft stall (having changed my twitter name) seemed to prompt the decision.

So this will be last post as!!  I would hate to loose you, please visit me at This is a step in faith that my blog is worth writing, for me, if no-one else!

In case you are thinking of making the move I thought I would share my to do list!!

  • Identify a widget which will create a site map for search engines (this is something does automatically for me at the moment)
  • Sign up with so that traffic that appears at .com is redirected to .org
  • Repin images from old posts from the new site
  • Delete the old posts from .com to so I don’t confuse google.
  • Install hovering Pin it buttons on my images (hurray!!!!)
  • Add a “if you like this post you might like these posts” at the bottom of each post
  • Centralise the logos on the right hand side of my blog
  • Plan, write and schedule 7 blog posts for as soon as the new site is live (here’s hoping for seven, unless it looks like I am irritating the other half too much!)
  • Order a book all about!!!

So what are you waiting for? Please do look for me as and see what my daily blog posts are about:) I will be over at the new address by the 14th of September (if all goes to plan!)

Plus pretty please if you have any tips/ hints, reading suggestions I would love to hear them.


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Kate @craftsonsea

Sunday 15th of September 2013

Glad to see it all seems to have gone to plan! If it helps, the wordpress plug-ins I use are commentluv, yoast for their seo and akismet to help stop all the spam! Oh, and not wp related but am the world's biggest fan of picmonkey ;o) Mammasaurus also has nice tutorial on making your own 'pin-it' buttons if you're into that kind of thing (I am and I love mine!!) x


Sunday 15th of September 2013

Thanks Kate - Just installed commentluv, what a great plug in:) Pin It buttons now on too - still to master linked posts at the bottom of the page, but progress is being made:) Learning a photo editing software is definitely on my to do list!!! Vicky

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.