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Crafting a Personalized DIY Keychain with Paper Collage and Resin

A DIY Keychain is not only a practical accessory for keeping your keys organized but can also serve as a personalized statement piece. If you’re looking to add a touch of creativity to your everyday life, consider making your own DIY keychain using paper collage and resin.

This unique and easy craft project allows you to showcase your personality and style while providing a functional item to carry with you wherever you go. In this step-by-step easy tutorial, I will guide you through the steps to create one-of-a-kind key chains that are both beautiful and useful. Homemade keychains make great gifts.

I am working with offcuts of gelli plate prints for my resin keychains, bright colors and prints make great DIY keychains. This is a great way to create your own design. If you’re wondering how to use resin it’s not hard, but you do need to make sure to a) wear protective gear and b) follow the mixing instructions carefully.

Materials for DIY Keychain

  1. Resin kit (including resin and hardener)
  2. Keychain base (I used these – affiliate link)
  3. Decorative paper or magazine paper in various colors 
  4. Small scissors
  5. Clear adhesive such as mod podge
  6. Disposable mixing cups and stir sticks
  7. Tweezers
  8. Gloves for safety
  9. Paintbrush
  10. A cocktail stick for removing air bubbles

Step by Step Instructions for DIY Keychain

Step 1: Prepare Your Workspace and Wooden Pendant Shapes

Begin by setting up your workspace in a well-ventilated area, ensure you have a flat surface. Paint a layer of mod podge or acrylic matt medium onto the base of the wooden pendant to seal the wood.

Step 2: Choose Your Collage Materials

Select the decorative paper or magazine cutouts you want to feature in your keychain. These can be photos, drawings, patterns, or, in my case, gelli plate prints. Cut the selected pieces into small different shapes or designs that will fit within the keychain base.

I have cut out rough circles using everyday items to draw around as a template. If you prefer precise shapes an easy way of achieving this is to use a Cricut machine selecting shapes and sizes in the design space.

Step 3: Create Your Collage

Arrange the cutout shapes in the wooden keychain pendant. As you can see I have made different versions, you can layer the different colors for a fun abstract design or keep it simple with a single piece.

Use clear adhesive to secure the paper pieces in place. Be sure to press out any air bubbles trapped under the paper for a smooth finish.

Ensure you fully seal the top of the papers as you adhere them. Set aside to dry overnight.

Step 4: Mix the Resin

Follow the easy instructions on your resin kit to mix the resin and hardener in a disposable cup. Typically, you’ll need to mix equal parts resin and hardener, and it’s important to follow the precise measurements to ensure proper curing.

Step 5: Pour the Resin

Gently pour the mixed resin into the wooden pendant, covering your collage completely, and spreading the resin out so it touches all the edges of the shape. Be careful not to overfill, as this can result in spillage.

If air bubbles appear on the surface you can pop them with a toothpick. Keep in mind that working quickly is essential, as resin begins to set within a limited time frame.

Step 6: Cure the Resin

Cover the keychain with a cover to prevent dust and debris from settling on the resin. Allow it to cure for the recommended time specified in the resin kit instructions. Usually, this process takes around 24 hours, but it may vary depending on the brand of resin you’re using.

Step 7: Add the Keyring

Attach a keyring or keychain hardware to the hole in your resin keychain. The keychain rings will allow you to connect it to your keys, bags, or anything else you’d like to adorn with your personalized creation.

This easy DIY keychain makes homemade gifts. It is the perfect way to showcase beautiful papers.

Creating a DIY keychain with paper collage and resin is fun way to showcase your individuality. With a few simple materials and some patience, you can craft a unique accessory that adds a personal touch to your everyday life, or give as a perfect gift.

Whether you choose to include meaningful images, vibrant patterns, or striking designs, your finished key fob will be a beautiful and functional keepsake that you can carry with you wherever you go. So, unleash your artistic flair and start crafting your one-of-a-kind keychain today!

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Sunday 29th of October 2023

I love this idea, the options of what you could put in the keyings is almost endless but this is a lovely way to showcase some of your beautiful gelli prints. I got in such a sticky mess when I tried resin that I need a little pause before I am brave enough to try it again but you are tempting me!

Vicky Myers

Sunday 29th of October 2023

I found medical gloves very helpful, after my first attempt and had to run for nail varnish remover to clean my hands!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.