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DIY Super Hero Costume

This weekend has been sport relief in the UK, a big national fundraising campaign for a variety of charities. People are encouraged to get active, sporty and raise funds for others.


My daughters school asked all the children to run a mile dressed as a famous sports personality or as a super hero. My daughter was clear that she was going to go as a super hero.. after a conversation regarding the unsuitability of princess costumes for running!!

We finally came to an agreement, a felt face  mask and super hero logo on a plain tshirt…DIY Suoer Hero dressing up costume, felt face mask

We used a paper bag to create the template for the face mask. A double layer of felt was stitched together and then trimmed to reveal the base colour. We then added a splash of super hero to the mask.

Felt super hero face mask, DIY

My husband had the brian wave of using the initial of her Christian name for a t-shirt logo. We drew round a plate as a circle template.

DIY Super Hero costume - decorate plain tshirt with felt logo

This was stitched to the t shirt. The costume took approximately an hour to make and cost a mere £5. But the big success was finding a homemade outfit that she delighted in:) Particularly important as unfortunately she takes after me when it comes to running, although I am delighted to say she did not come in last for her year group.





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Thursday 24th of March 2016

She's right... tiaras do tend to fall off! Great alternative :D


Thursday 24th of March 2016

How fun! Felt to the rescue! I love the conversation about princesses. :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.