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How to assemble a PDF pattern

It’s amazing the free patterns one can find on the internet, often as downloadable PDF’s but how do you assemble them? I have tried a number of techniques – from trimming every edge and then taping which can take some time to taping the edges on top of each other.

Did you know you can assemble PDF patterns without trimming? Check out my top tips for taping PDF patterns together, including a video tutorial #PDFpatterns



or check out the video on my youtube channel

Before you start double check you have printed the pattern the pattern the correct size – every PDF pattern I have used has an inch square box marked to enable you to do this.

Next let’s look at how your PDF pattern is marked – some designers use letters, other’s numbers for you to match. You are going to align the corresponding markings as you go.

But first decide if you are going to overlay pieces on top of one another or trim the edges. If trimming edges I highly recommend using a guillotine for speed, trimming one long edge and one short edge. this provides some overlay (no tiny gaps of sticky tape sticking to your fabric!).

You can use a glue stick or tape to join the edges. If using tape I recommend preparing lots of pieces of tape ready to just stick down.

If you prefer to have shop print the pattern off for you then check out this handy list of copy shops in a variety of countries that will print the pattern for you.

Are you eager to get going? Print off a pattern and start sewing? Then check out my review of free long sleeve t shirt patterns,

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.