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How to use pinterest to grow your blog

Have you noticed I am passionate about blogging? I love it when people visit and take time to stop and comment. One key way to grow your blog is through pinterest, here are my top three suggestions for growing your blog with pinterest:

  • Pin regularly
  • Create pinterest friendly images
  • Join group pinterest boards

Pin regularly

Its good etiquette to space your pins in order not to flood a persons homepage on Pinterest. Most Americans access Pinterest in the evenings, so think about the time of day you pin to optimise the chances of being repinned. If you pin at different times you can capture UK and American pinners. There are several provider of free software which enables you to schedule pins in advance.

Create pinterest friendly images

Think about your image layout. Certain format of images are more pleasing to the average pinners eyes, in particular vertical images. A suggested ratio is 735 by 1102 pixels.

Canva provides  templates for pinterest friendly formats. This software enables you to easily create collages and add text. Think about pins which you are drawn to repin, why did it appeal? Images pleasing to the eye, with text generally perform well, in terms of repinning.

Maximise the description of your images. People tend not to edit the description when pinning, make this work for you:)


Group pinterest boards

Ask to become a member of group pinterest boards, pinning to group boards vastly increases the exposure of your image. Follow the group board you are interested in pinning to and follow the instructions in the description to become a contributor.  I suggest you keep a list of the group boards you belong to and importantly the rules of the board. When you publish you amazing blog post you can quickly see which boards its appropriate to pin to and schedule your pins accordingly.

To find group boards I suggest you follow bloggers in your field, see which group boards they contribute to, and which they host. You can identify a group board by  a little icon of two people to the right handside of the board title.

Here are a number of links to help you find group boards:

Top Group Boards on Pinterest

Pin Junkie – Pinterest group boards

Additionally you can download a list of group boards I belong to – once I have published a post I work my way down my list and pin appropriately.

Craft and DIY related Pinterest Group Boards

Are you an avid pinner? Share your pinterest in the comments and I will follow – find me here🙂




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Sunday 10th of May 2015

I love Pinterest & I like pinning my posts. This is a great post!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.