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Learning to crochet, chunky stitch cowl

Last years New Years resolutions included learning to crochet. I have made limited progress, I am certain the key is to find projects I am inspired to make. A photograph on instagram for a free cowl crochet pattern had me itching to pick up a crochet hook and have a go. On Christmas day and boxing day, inbetween board games, I whipped up the scarf. It always amazes me how quick crochet is!

As it is an American pattern the yarn specified is not readily available in the UK. The yarn Deborah Norville Serentiy Chunky Tweed Yarn details – 100G, 100M. Suggested Crochet Hook Size Us L-8/8Mm Hook.

Using the weight and length of yarn specified (with the help of great shop assistants) I realised that the yarn used is mid way between a UK chunky and a super chunky.

I chose creative twist super chunky yarn from a local yarn shop Crafty Ewe. This has the weight of 100g and 75mm length. Being a little thicker than the original yarn I reduced the number of chain stitches by three to eighteen.

Since my impulse purchase I have learnt two things – there are lot of conversion charts available to help you work out the equivalent American yarn in the UK, and secondly Amazon and ebay sell the specified yarn…!!

This pattern is a quick win, a great basic crochet pattern with a delightful result.

I hope you have had a restful and joyful holiday season. This evening we will be welcoming the New Year, looking back on the many blessings of 2016 an looking forward to 2017.


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Sunday 1st of January 2017

Beautiful Cowl Vicky! Your crochet looks so neat! I'm still learning, but just practising on dishcloths just now - it's a bit warm here to make anything to wear!! Hope you and yours have a wonderful New Year! I hope 2017 brings all you wish for!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.