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Pensthorpe – Day Out with the kids



My husband and I are not too good staying in all day with the kids – we tend to get cabin fever. For our family day out last weekend we visited Pensthorpe.

“Set in the heart of the Norfolk countryside, in the beautiful and tranquil Wensum Valley, Pensthorpe is an award-winning mix of meandering nature trails and beguiling woodland walks, and a showcase for British wildlife and nature conservation”

Family Day Out

The weather was a balmy autumn day, we had some Tesco club card points, and  fancied trying somewhere new out!


I regretted not taking my DSLR camera but I am nevertheless chuffed with my pics:)


In amongst the walks were some interesting sculptors. The planting was beautiful, with interesting colours and textures. I noticed a variety of fruit trees that I managed to resist – although I was tempted to teach the children how to scrump!!

Bug Hotel

Bug Hotel – noticed the upcycled wood pallets?

It is well thought out regarding children, keeping them engaged with a wide variety of activities. These stretch way beyond the obligatory stamper trail, including a bug walk, den building, pond dipping, reading corner, drawing corner and the most amazing play area.


I was shocked to read in their leaflet that the majority of children spend four and half hours a day in front of screens of one form or another – but then realised that mine had already spent four hours with screens on before we left for the day out. A third of all children never play outside. Their ethos is to encourage children to enjoy the outdoors, a great ethos:)

This week I am consciously endeavouring to shut the laptop lid:)



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Gude @HodgePodgeCraft

Thursday 10th of October 2013

WOW - your mushrooms beat mine hands down! I have some in tomorrow's post (an Autumn scavenger hunt for kids, with free printable), but yours are like something out of a fairytale...

Love getting out with the little ones and wearing them out ;) Sounds like you had a great day! x


Thursday 10th of October 2013

Ooh, I look forward to a free download, hunting for items really helps keep them walking:)


Thursday 10th of October 2013

Looks lovely. 4 hours is a lot but I bet they don't spend that long every day and some will, if not longer. I know what you mean about cabin fever. I usually have to be out by 10-10.30 unless screens are involved ;)


Thursday 10th of October 2013

My husband kindly suggested that 4 hours is not so bad if they are busy playing, drawing etc. with the telly on in the background:)

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