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Textiles event with Norfolk County Council

Today has been  a fabulous day – I have been at the event  organised by Norfolk County Council.


I went along in a supporting role with a selection of upcycled items. The aim to encourage people to think about their textile waste,  to inspire people to transform old clothes into new items and to encourage donation to charitable organisations. I was amazed at the amount of people who did not realise that you can donate clothes only suitable as rags to charity shops – they are then sold by the weight benefiting the charity shop.


Many people had a go at a fabric flower activity, which gave people a chance to sit and work alongside one another and chat.

Fabric flower

The County Council had a pledge wall, it was a delight to see this fill throughout the day with pledges:)

Pledge wall

I created a handout to accompany my display full of ideas to transform fabric/clothes into new creations. You can find the document here (thanks to Make do and mendable facebook group for brainstorming non sewing ideas to include).

We met some fabulous organisations all interested in reusing textiles – all in one city but not aware of each other!

Sweet Arts – A charity which supports women. They aim to provide support and skill up women – one of their groups came and visited, they are currently working on cushions to sell and raise funds for the organisation. Fantastic enthusiastic ladies genuinely interested in upcycling fabric. I am looking forward to visiting them in the coming weeks and assisting them set up their Etsy shop.

Norfolk Museum Service popped by, they are planning on running a 24hr refashioning fashion competition as part of Norwich Fashion week and One Planet Norwich. This is taking place on March the 11th starting at 5pm, I like my sleep too much to support through the night but it certainly sounds likes lots of fun!!

The Forum are also planning on a running  Makers Month, filling February with a variety of activities – week two has a focus on textiles. They are keen to engage people (including schools) in workshops throughout the week looking at reusing textiles.

Lots of opportunities for voluntary work then!!! A big thanks to Tracey and Norfolk County Council for organising the event, you can see Tracey’s creative streak on her facebook page here.






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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.