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Fabulous upcycled DIY wreath ideas

 Are you thinking about how to brighten up your front door? To make your front entrance inviting and stylish? Like many in the UK we have a UPVC front door. UPVC windows and doors are great for insulation, keeping the heat in and reducing heating bills but a white door can be a little nondescript. Thankfully this is easy to change with easy DIY wreath ideas.

Today I am on a mission to add a splash of personality to our entrance. Firstly I have added plant pots filled with flowers – this immediately brightens up the entrance. Secondly, I am thinking about upcycled DIY wreaths – until doing a little research I thought a wreath and UPVC were not compatible but I am delighted to be proven wrong. 

How to hang a DIY wreath on a UPVC door

There are several ways in which you can hang a wreath, if it is for a few weeks on the run up to Christmas you can use a wreath hanger, these hang over the which is designed to bounce back. In the long term, I would be worried about compressing the but for a few weeks this should be fine the is designed to bounce back.

For a lightweight wreath, you can use command hooks, before applying the command hook to your door ensure the door is clean with rubbing alcohol (the command hook needs a clean surface to adhere to). Different command hooks can take different amounts of weight so check the weight of your wreath and make sure they are compatible.

Alternatively, you can use a magnetic wreath hanger. Most UPVC doors have steel in them so the magnet should work fine, or have a magnet either side of the door. You will need to consider the weight of the wreath with this option.

So having realized I can hang a wreath I am brainstorming the internet for wreaths made out of recycled materials.

Upcycled DIY Wreaths

If you wish to pin any of these specific projects please visit the original blog post (I have disabled pinning these individual images).





It is super easy to make a stunning driftwood wreath, learn how to make your own driftwood wreath with this detailed photo and video tutorial, bring a touch of the beach into your home.

A stunning driftwood wreath showcasing your collection of sea glass.


denim and felt flower DIY wreath

Pillar Box Blue

This beautiful denim wreath from Claire at Pillar Box Blue is stunning, the denim and pink compliment each other beautifully. 

tin can made into leaves for easy DIY wreath

Country Design Style

I love how this metal leaf wreath is made from soda cans, the paint effects are great. This tutorial is shared by CountryDesignStyle

upcycled wreath made from clothes pegs

The Happier Homemaker

I love the pegs being repurposed into a wreath, the two tones compliment the design. This wreath is designed by the happier homemaker.

DIY wreath ideas, using an old bicycle wheel

Twelve on Main

Upcycle a bicycle wheel into a wreath – this DIY includes a video tutorial from Twelve on main.

bright easy pompom wreath

Designer trapped in a lawyers body

If you are looking to use your yarn odds and ends this project is for you – a fun pompom wreath. This project is shared by Designer Trapped in a Lawyers Body

DIY wreath ideas, using welly boots

Homemade Modern

I felt compelled to include this fun welly boot upcycled wreath. It is great fun, found at Homemade modern blog.


The simplicity of this wood slice wreath appeals to me  – my eye is drawn to the age rings in the wood. Hoyu can buy ready made wood slices or if you have a few branches you trimmed from the garden you can make your own.

Reuse Grow Enjoy

Big fans of baseball, then this DIY baseball wreath could be for you. Thanks to ReusegrowJoy for the tutorial.

Make it yourself

This cork wreath is ingenious, subtly showcasing different tones in the various corks. thanks to Make it yourself with Melissa.

Simple Simon & Co

This rag wreath is perfect for lots of fabric scraps. Simple simon and co provide a very clear tutorial.

Miss Kopy Kat


Last summer we had several hose pipes with holes – why didn’t I think of a hosepipe wreath as the perfect upcycling solution? Miss Kopy Kat has good detailed photographs showing you how to make this wreath.

I hope you love these easy upcycled DIY wreath ideas as much as I. In the past I have made a paper wreath and a pompom wreath.  My imagination is sparked to make a new wreath for our home, no doubt I will have a denim wreath hanging on my door imminently. Do you recommend a particular way of hanging a wreath on a UPVC door? 




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Samira Mitra

Tuesday 23rd of July 2019

Love all these ideas! Thanks for all the inspiration.

Madison Lane

Tuesday 18th of June 2019

What a nice way to recycle aluminum cans! The final product looks good too! You did a great job, Kudos!


Monday 10th of June 2019

Vikki a great collection of upcycle wreaths. I love the wood slice wreath. Thank you for including my denim and sweater flower wreath.


Tuesday 11th of June 2019

You are very welcome Claire

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.