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How to make a scrunchie, optional add a pompom trim

Loving scrunchies the second time around? Learn just how quick and easy it is to make a scrunchie with optional pompom trim.

The best part of homemade scrunchies is you can quickly make a different scrunchie for every outfit in a wide variety of fabrics.

All scrunchies involve straight stitching, therefore they are a perfect sewing project for children learning to sew. Adding the pompom trim involves a little hand stitching and using a zipper foot – but once they get the hang of this they will be whipping up scrunchies for all their friends.


Check out these great tutorials for cotton fabric scraps:-

What fabric should I use to make a scrunchie?

You can use any material to make scrunchies, from velvet fabric, to silk fabric to the popular option of cotton fabric.

Slippery fabric’s are harder to sew so if you are making scrunchies with a child as a first sewing project stick with cotton or cotton poplin. Fat quarters provide fabulous fun prints, perfect for DIY scrunchies, alternatively think think about raiding your scrap fabric stash, this is a great scrap fabric project.

How to make a scrunchie

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  • 24 by 4″ Fabric
  • 9″ Elastic
  • 24″ piece of pompom trim (optional)
  • Sewing machine
  • Safety pins
  • Fabric Scissors

Cut a piece of fabric 4 by 24″, if you have one a rotary cutter with a quilter’s ruler is a great way to cut the rectangular shape out.

OPTIONAL POMPOM TRIM – Place your pompom trim 1/4 down from one long edge with the pompoms facing away from this edge. Tack the pompom trim in place.

Fold the fabric in half lengthways right sides of the fabric facing each other and pin.

Machine stitch the long edge using a straight stitch, if you are adding the pompom trim I recommend a zipper foot. This ensures you stitch the edge of the pompom trim but not the actual pompoms.

Trim the seam allowance of the long tube.

Turn the fabric tube right sides out.

Thread a 9″ piece of elastic through the fabric tube, using a large safety pin is an easy way to do this. Make sure you secure the ends of the elastic at the short end of the tube you start at so it doesn’t shoot up the tube, a second safety pin is the perfect way to do this!!

Overlap the elastic to form a circle of elastic, like a hairband. Machine stitch to secure.

Fold the raw edges inwards, place the folded edges together and whip stitch to finish. Alternatively, you can machine stitch.

It really is that easy to make a fun pompom trimmed scrunchie.

This easy sewing project makes professional scrunchies within minutes. Vary the sizes of the finished scrunchie to suit you, from smaller scrunchies for young children to an oversized scrunchie for thick hair.

Personally, I love the pompom trim but they are just as cute without and quicker to make, just skip the pompom step!

If you love hand sewing check out my friend Lisa’s tutorial for hand sewing a scrunchie or her video tutorial on youtube.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.