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Learn how to use Pinterest to maximise your traffic with the Pinning Perfect Course

Are you considering improving your Pinterest reach and therefore traffic to your blog? Have you considered taking a course? Here is my review of the course Pinning Perfect.

I invested in the course back in the autumn, finally settling down and taking the course early in the year. Now let me be straight with you – Pinning Perfect will take you time to implement, but WOW it’s a game changer.  It’s not cheap but if you are serious about taking your blog to the next level, it is well worth considering.


As a sewing/craft/upcycling blogger Pinterest is a prime audience for potential new readers. Before taking this course my traffic from Pinterest was approximate 4,000/month, five months later my traffic from Pinterest is 11,000/month. I have also invested in Tailwind smart loops so my pinning is now automated following the guidance in this course, allowing me more time to be creative and make new projects to share with yourselves. this is completely optional, the course walks you through how to organize and track your pins without paying for scheduling service.

What does Pinning Perfect course include?

Module 1: Laying the Foundation for Pinterest Success

This module covers the basics, how to create your Pinterest profile, what you need to do and what doesn’t matter! this module includes how Pinterest’s Smart Feed works. 

Module 2: Creating Pin Descriptions that Drive Traffic

Pinterest is a search engine – learn how to write epic pin descriptions, full of keywords. Learn how to research keywords on Pinterest plus a special trick to get the right pin description pinned from your website. If there ever was a part of Pinterest to master, this is it.

Module 3: Creating Killer Images for Pinterest

Learn how to create templates for Pins in Canva so you can quickly stylise your images. This section teaches you how to create Pinterest friendly images, even if you are not a great photographer. 

Module 4: Using Boards to Grow Your Traffic

So the never-ending question to be a member of group boards or not? Over the years boards changed! Learn how to use boards for traffic-driving success.

Module 5: Making Your Blog Pinterest-Friendly

Generating mind-blowing Pinterest traffic isn’t just about getting people to click pins over on Pinterest. It’s about your existing website visitors (or people coming FROM Pinterest) actually pinning your content too. So make it easy for them. That person with 30 followers and a pin icon for a profile image just might send you thousands of page views (yep, we’ve seen it happen).

Module 6: Hacking Your Way to Pinnable Content

This module has some covers great content hacks to drive traffic to your site, including how to embed images for roundup posts, the value of backdating new posts (what???!), creating Pins for categories of your blog and so much more. This module is packed with super useful content and ideas.  

Module 7: Putting It All Together

This module contains the nuts and bolts of exactly how many images you should pin every day, how many should be yours, and how many should belong to other people. It includes an amazing spreadsheet for all your content on your blog, so you can track your pins. 

Module 8: Doing It Better and Faster

Now you know how the strategy works (and why it works), it’s time to apply what you have learned as efficiently possible. This module covers Tailwind, Tailwind Tribes, and special pinning groups. This is a super useful, perfect for maximizing your newly created new pins with fabulous descriptions.

Module 9: Analytics, Baby!

Time to take stock, reviewing your  Google Analytics, Pinterest Analytics, and even Tailwind to find out what’s working and what’s not. This module includes a great dashboard and report to install in Google Analytics to find the most important insights in just a click.


So what do other participants of the course think? What for them has been the highlight, the takeaway :-

  • The combination of keyword filled descriptions plus action words that get clicks. Playdatesparties
  • The favorite part of Pinning Perfect is the updates and how to make a pin. Stickynotemom
  • The spreadsheet. It really helps to keep everything organized and know which pins to pin and which to wait on. EnpoweredSingleMoms
  • Now I have confidence in a strategy that works and access to Pinterest experts to ask any questions about changes that come up with Pinterest. Thesimplehomeschooler
  • Having a source that shows me exactly what to do, a course that is kept up to date and instructors who are successful themselves gives me confidence in their ability to guide me. Passingdownthelove
  • Best teaching for me is the detailed explanation of how many times to pin per day, which boards to use and on the rotation schedule. Bestforbusiness

So why am I sharing this today? 

The course costs $249 but on the 27 June it increases by $100, so if you are thinking about purchasing the course now is the time to do so. If $249 is too much (I get it!) then there is a payment plan option, but please only purchase this course if you are dedicated to taking it and implementing it. 

I am an affiliate of the course, so should you make a purchase I receive an affiliate percentage, it does not increase the cost to you at all. 

Still checking out your options? Be sure to pin this post for later!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.