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Quick & Simple Way to Shorten Curtains

This week I have been working on my list of things to do around the house, which includes shortening curtains.

I don’t know about you but curtains are fairly low down on the priority list when moving house, I always ending up refashioning ones I have or scouring charity shops for new to me curtains. These curtains have been up for nearly 5 years at 5″ too long. I had a go at turning them up at the bottom but it didn’t work out, this week I had a eureka moment –  not sure why it took five years to fathom!

Too long curtains

Adding new curtain tape at the correct height is a simple and easy way of shortening the curtains – for more details visit my guest blog post over on the fab new website


Have you met Jen yet? She is the vision behind makedoandmend-able, a website full of hints and tips for everything to do with making do and mending. I took this opportunity to have a short interview with her

What was your motivation for starting on your make do and mend journey?

I’m still not entirely sure! It started off a a personal challenge to see if we could do it, after I became aware how much of a ‘mini-consumer’ our then 3 year old already was. 

As the year went on though, I became more and more aware about how important it is. About how we running out of resources. About how our landfill is overflowing. About the impact of fast fashion on the people making the clothes, and on the planet.
I started to realise that we all need to start Making Do and Mending more, and taking responsibility for our own actions.

What has surprised you or delighted you the most with your make do and mend journey?

The support I’ve received from readers of the blog, and from the online community has been amazing!

Sometimes when you are doing something that is a little bit outside of the mainstream, you can get some odd reactions. But I have been overwhelmed at the support and encouragement I’ve had, and the number of people that I’ve been able to reach through the blog.
Share with us your aspirations for your new website

I really want the new website to become a ‘one stop shop’ for all things Make Do and Mend. For it to be the ‘go-to’ place for people wanting to find out more about Making Do and Mending. I want it to be jam-packed full of really useful resources, and tutorials, and inspiration!

There is a Directory coming soon, where small businesses will be able to list their classes and workshops, in a searchable database, so that people can find them, and come and learn new skills! At the moment, there is the wonderful Sewing Directory where people can find sewing classes, but I want people to be able to find all kinds of Make Do and Mend classes-everything from crochet to foraging, and bread making to preserving, as well as repair and upcycling!
And more than all of that, I really want the Make Do and Mend community that has already sprung up around My Make Do and Mend Year, to grow and to really create value.

Thanks to Jen for sharing a little of her journey with us. Please do pop over to her website, I find her inspirational:)














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Friday 13th of March 2015

What a simple but great idea. Plus lovely to hear your interview with Jen. xx

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.